5 Reasons Indoor Soccer is Actually Better than Outdoor Soccer

Children enjoying indoor soccer - (Photo: Flickr.com)

To soccer purists around the globe such a statement is taken with in same vein as heresy, but indoor soccer is in many ways a more preferred experience than the outdoor version of the beautiful game, especially for soccer players.  People may criticize the lack of real grass and the condensed nature of indoor soccer, but there are a whole host of reasons as to why indoor soccer can actually be the more enjoyable activity.  Here is my top five:

1.  More Goals – This is what happens when the field size shrinks in soccer.  The common complaint among most American anti-soccer sports fans is that soccer is boring because there isn’t enough scoring.  Well, when a typical indoor soccer game runs up a score-line of 10-7, there is surely some more excitement.  Even more dramatic is just simply the number of opportunities and the speed in which chances develop.  One team can be under heavy pressure, but they make a lucky tackle, play a smart pass, and score on a counter-attack in under five seconds.  Such is the intensity of the indoor game.

2.  More time on the ball – Here is some simple math.  With 22 players on a standard soccer field, each person can expect to be on the ball roughly 4.5% of the time (1/22).  Indoor soccer games typically play with a total of 12 players on the field, and as such any given player can expect to be on the ball around 8.3% of the time.  That’s nearly twice as much ball-time as outdoor soccer.  With the fast-pace of the game, this means that players are practicing their ball skills with way higher intensity and frequency.  Thus, indoor soccer players have more fun and get better quicker.

3.  Shorter games – One issue with outdoor soccer is that matches are quite long.  The average professional soccer player covers about 4 miles throughout any given match.  That can be exhausting work.  Indoor soccer is so much more condensed and focused on quick sprints and chasing down the ball.  Halves are typically just around 15 minutes long.  Basically, indoor soccer lets players do the fun, exciting aspects of the game versus outdoor soccer, where players are constantly jogging all over the place trying to get into the right position.

4.  Perfect Weather – How many times do youth soccer games get cancelled on account of the rain?  Entire tournaments have been cancelled in the groundskeepers’ quest to maintain their precious lawns.  Indoor soccer is great because it is indoors, and as long as no major disaster cuts off the power, the game can go on.  Additionally, since indoor soccer leagues tend to play during winter, temperatures remain moderate, which will benefit the health of your players.

5.  Less Competitiveness – Yes, soccer is a competitive sport, but I tended to find that indoor soccer is much more about having fun and has a more laid back attitude.  Perhaps because it differs from the traditional leagues with school teams or professional teams that are heavily publicized throughout the media that indoor soccer becomes a more relaxed game, but it definitely helps foster a more jovial, let’s just have fun kind of attitude.  Because of this, people who play indoor soccer typically don’t have all that much to prove, they simply want to enjoy playing soccer.


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