Allow Your Momentum to Carry You Through When Playing Soccer

Podolski confidently runs with the ball - (Photo:

Momentum is a key ingredient in life.  There is a natural flow and rhythm of your body and you need to embrace it and follow it at all times.  Today I was re-living all the goals scored by Arsenal this past EPL season in a 30 minute video of glory and this fact stuck out to me:  In each goal, the players seemed to be running in full stride or confidently moving with the soccer ball as they scored.  Best utilizing your forward momentum seems to be a vital part of goal scoring.

Watch any highlight video of soccer players and you will quickly notice how easy soccer looks when it’s played right.  It seems as though the players effortlessly glide about the pitch, weaving through defenders, and calmly placing the ball into the net, but the task is actually tremendously difficult.

As an Arsenal fan, I can confidently state that this season was rather nervy and tense throughout with few real moments of glory, although if one were to simply watch all the goals it looked like a real feast of football.  Such is the way of highlights…

In reality, plays constantly break down when players stutter or try to awkwardly change direction, or simply miskick the soccer ball.  Fans of other sports often criticize soccer and call it “boring” because the moments of brilliance are so few and far between.  Players laboriously pass the ball around and often make mistakes, losing possession and turning the ball over.

But that’s why the highlights are so fun to watch and shows how in those vital moments of genius, games are won and lost.  Soccer players need to be confident and believe in themselves.  Trusting the momentum and following your soccer instincts are a major plus and are crucial for orchestrating successful plays and goals.

Another thing to watch in highlights is how the players rarely hesitate when they make a goal-scoring charge.  This trait enables them to power their way through defenders and get in front of goal.  There, a calm finished further illustrates the importance of feeling the momentum and going for shots.

My favorite goal for Arsenal this year was this one:

Notice how Theo Walcott simply makes the run and is basically in constant motion, feeling his way through the maze of defender’s legs.  His momentum is so strong on this run, that when he is tripped up he manages to slide and regain his grounding and stand up with just the keeper to beat.  The cool finish is exemplary considering the awkwardness of the tumble, but in trusting his momentum and maintaining a cool head, Walcott scored one of the goals of the season.

So next time you see yourself with the ball and feel like making a serious run at the goal, go for it.  You must trust your soccer instincts and allow your momentum to push you through your opponents.  Trust your feet and where you are going with the ball.  Any shakiness and you will probably mess up, so just feel your way to glory and let your body take over!



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