Always Keep an Eye Open for Goals in Soccer

Robin van Persie has one of the best eyes towards goal - (Photo:

One thing that sometimes gets lost in young soccer players’ heads amidst all the focus on passing, movement, ball control, and teamwork is the simple fact that soccer is about scoring goals.  A team can dominate an entire game but fall asleep in one single moment, and give up the goal that results in a defeat.  Yes, soccer can be the cruelest of sports at times, but with that understanding is also a wonderful piece of knowledge that can serve as a lesson of advice to young soccer players.

Always think about putting your team into a position to score a goal.  It doesn’t matter if you are two feet from the goal awaiting an incoming corner, or if you are a defender on your own half of the field who has just received a goal kick.  A smart pass to an open striker can quickly result in the crucial goal for your team, and you would be wise to always look for an opportunity to strike.

Goals can come from the most random of events.  Sometimes a lazy back-pass by the opposition can be intercepted and turned into a goal-scoring opportunity.  Sometimes a long ball heaved by the goalie will happen to bounce in front of your forward who is able to lash the ball into the net.  The thing to remember is that the common theory of play the ball down the wing and heave it towards the goal with a blind cross isn’t always the best course of action to find goals.  If your team has only one way of attack it will become predictable and your opponent will be able to react time and time again.

Try to mix up your attacks in order to catch the defense off guard.  A run through the middle could invite a center back to push up and challenge you, while opening the gate for a soft pass through the defense’s hole to your striker.  Or, a cross from a strange angle could confuse the defenders and leave a teammate open with the ball in front of the goal.  The field is big; so take advantage of every area to orchestrate a chance from.

Another thing to consider is taking shots from distance.  Even if the clear goal-scoring opportunity hasn’t presented itself, you should certainly try to test the opposing goalie as much as possible.  Who knows how shaky and terrible their goalie is if you never get a shot on the frame of the goal.  While long-range strikes rarely make the sort of highlight reel type of goal that players dream about, they can result in positive outcomes.  Perhaps the goalie is caught flat-footed or misjudges the curve on the ball.  Or perhaps the goalie even makes a save, but can’t hold onto the ball and it falls to your striker.  Maybe a deflection off a defenders leg will result in a goal.  You never know where your goals will come from so don’t be afraid to take a bold chance.

In conclusion, it is clear that goal-scoring chances are what leads to victories in games.  Therefore, instead of seeking out the stereotypical goal-scoring chance, go for gold and try out a new approach while always thinking about how you can manufacture a goal when you play.  With an eye towards goal at all times, you will greatly help your team along to victory!


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