Are Fancy Soccer Moves Really Useful in a Game?

Neymar knows how beneficial a soccer trick can be! - (Photo:

Soccer jugglers and tricksters delight the eyes of viewers during commercials and other promotional soccer events.  Likewise, awesome Youtube videos depicting players like Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo performing incredible ball trick skills also soar through the web.  But are all these nifty little tricks actually that useful in a soccer game?  Rarely do players ever perform such audacious moves in a game, and often times when a player does, he gets jeered by the opposing fans for showboating and often receives a harsh tackle from someone on the other team!  Is it really worth it to learn all these tricks if they are scolded when used in a soccer game?

The thing that makes learning soccer tricks worthwhile is that they greatly help you improve your ball skills.  Getting more touches on the ball is always a good thing, and you can sense from these incredible tricksters that they have supreme ball handling skills.  If your feet can get to know a soccer ball intimately well, your skills will be impressive, and it will help your game improve greatly.

However, the important thing about soccer tricks in a game is determining how useful they really are.  This is a hazy picture.  The point of a move in soccer like a Cruyff turn or a scissor move is to confuse and befuddle a defender.  However, to really make such moves work, you need to be exceptionally good with the move and confident that this move will help you beat the defender.  While it may be fun to tear past an opponent after a brilliant trick, it is equally embarrassing when you trip over the ball as you attempt some audacious scissor move in your own third of the field, leaving your opponent with a clear lane in onto the goal!

You need to know the right place and time to use any soccer move.  Many times such tricks are really over doing it.  You might be able to blast past a defender with a slight shoulder drop to fake going in one direction before shifting into high gear the opposite way.  There’s no need to showboat with an extravagant move that might not even work.

However, in some situations a sneaky move might be exactly what you and your team needs to break down a defense.  Don’t be too cautious, and let your feet run free with the ball.  Players like Neymar are incredible and their brilliant moves aid them in breaking down opponents.  But do realize, Neymar has mastered the art of soccer tricks and you will need to as well before you see any benefits.  My advice is to keep it simple until you know with 100% certainty that the move will work, and that you’re using it in the proper game situation.

Another thing to realize with any particular trick is that after you use it, the defender knows all about it.  Therefore, you will have a hard time finding any success with using the same trick over and over again throughout a game.  I recommend that you wait until late in a close game to use any move as it will possibly catch a player off guard.  If you come full speed with a bag of tricks from the outset of the game, you won’t be surprising anyone when you try to scissor for the 10th time!

Have fun, be patient, and learn moves as such practice will improve your ball control.  Just be smart when trying to bring them into a game, because you must truly master any trick before you will be able to beat a defender with it!


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