Arsenal vs. Wigan to Display Great Drama on Both Ends of Premier League Table

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For both of these clubs, 3 points are absolutely vital when they play against one another on Tuesday.  The English Premier League provides great excitement and drama at the highest level as the season winds down for a variety of reasons.  First off, the bottom three clubs in the league are relegated to an entirely lower soccer league, the Championship.  Additionally, the top 4 clubs earn a place in next season’s UEFA Champions League tournament.

Both Wigan and Arsenal are in the heat of these two battles.  Wigan is currently 4 points within the drop zone, meaning that they must earn points in both their last two games.  Travelling to London and the Emirates stadium will surely be a monumental task for Wigan, but they have shown a tendency to mount late season charges in the past, often just scraping by to remain in England’s top soccer league.

Additionally, Wigan just became winners of the FA Cup.  Having beat Manchester City at Wembley stadium this past weekend, Wigan showed that on their day they can beat anyone.  In lifting a trophy, they have also accomplished a feat that Arsenal hasn’t managed in over 7 years.

However, Arsenal has qualified for the Champions League in the last 15 years or so, and also seem to always benefit from a late-season surge to find themselves in the necessary position for Europe’s grandest stage.  This year, Arsenal are again in an absolute dogfight with Tottenham and Chelsea that looks to come down to the final day again.  Arsenal would qualify with two wins in their last two matches, but any slip-ups, a draw or a loss, and those dreams would fade fast.

For both clubs, success in these last games has monumental importance in both financial reasons and for the sake of players and fans.  Playing in the Premier League will earn Wigan a considerably larger cash prize than the Championship.  For Arsenal, the Champions League is a cash cow with bountiful television rights deals and adds roughly 5 highly priced home games to the schedule.

Also, with the summer transfer window approaching, both clubs will have their eyes on new players.  Though, most would believe that a large number of players would want to move to clubs that enable them to play at the highest level.  Should either club not reach their goal, their prized transfers may sign with rival clubs.  And worse yet, several current players will surely seek exits to clubs that better fulfill their goals.

And so when Wigan and Arsenal lock horns tomorrow, it will be an absolute thriller of a match.  The Arsenal home crowd will surely become more and more nervous if the team doesn’t take control as the game winds down, and the players will surely get more and more desperate.  As for predictions, I like Arsenal.  Therefore I will predict a 3-0 Arsenal victory.  They are a vastly superior club and are equally as desperate as Wigan is.  They will prove their worth and leapfrog Tottenham into that vital 4th position in the league.  Wigan, for all their excitement over the FA Cup win, will have a bittersweet end to the season and will be relegated.


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