Big and Small – Soccer Jerseys for All! From YXS to AXXL

World's Largest Soccer Jersey

American Express may has it’s privileges. But, we’ll tell you that manufacturing soccer jerseys has a few benefits too – like being able to outfit any team on earth!

The flexibility to create really small – and really large – soccer jerseys comes in handy from time to time. As you can see from the “World’s Largest Soccer Jersey” (left), we can make some really big and tall soccer jerseys. [Sidenote: The jersey is not for sale – we use it at trade shows. People ask all the time if they can buy it.]

Anyway, we pride ourselves on being able to help everyone out. We have a series of best-selling kids soccer jerseys that we’ve made all the way down to Youth Extra Small. These are for the ultra pee-wee teams who haven’t quite figured out how to dribble a soccer ball that rises up past their knees. Nonetheless, we can get those kids on the field and looking like soccer players – even if they can’t quite play like Pele yet.

On the other side, we have to take care of our bigger players too. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than showing up to the beer league match and seeing the opposing team with three players in apparent mid-drift jerseys. All our adult soccer jerseys are available up to Adult 2XL. Depending on your body make-up and fit preference, we see the AXXL fitting players who are 6’5″ and 235-250.

With our manufacturing capabilities, we have produced jerseys up to an A6XL in very special circumstances. It was for a Special Olympics team and we were happy to tackle the challenge. On certain select jerseys, we have the opportunity to custom make larger sizes. If you or your team has this need, please contact us and we can walk you through the possibilities!

Available up to AXXXL (A3XL) – 30% extra:

Villa, Hudson

Available up to AXXXXL (A4XL) – 40% extra:

Copa, Chelsea


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    I am in need of more jersey's. I've attached my last order from you. Let me know price changes. Will be ordering +\- 6 shirts or so.

    Our shirts are still holding up well. Even the original ones from 2007. (Sent in 2011)

    Thanks You

    Steve Westlake, Sammamish, WA

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