Blues Successfully Complete Takeover of Manchester


The Blues: The pride of Manchester! – (Photo:

From the moment the first whistle blew at Old Trafford yesterday, the siege was on.  The Blues of Manchester City have suffered for 30-odd years as the lesser club in Manchester, while the Red Devils of Manchester United have piled on trophy after trophy and dominated the town from a footballing perspective.  And while hope was inspired by a big-money takeover of Man City roughly 5 years ago, it wasn’t until yesterday that the takeover of Manchester was complete.

Yes, Manchester City has beaten United several times in the last few years (in fact, they have now won 5 of the last 6 Manchester Derbies!), but they way they did it most recently was the most convincing, and the current state of United’s team and hopes leaves them floundering like a fish out of water.  For the first time in over a decade, United faces the real possibility of a season without Champions League soccer next year, and that will be the final nail in the coffin.

Meanwhile, Manchester City looks to be in serious contention for the Premier League title.  They play with a ruthlessness and a firm stability that can take on any squad.  While they suffered a slump several weeks ago that cost them shots at the Champions League and the FA Cup, with their sights set on the title, they should be considered the frontrunners.

What I find most incredible about the failures of Manchester United is that it cannot really fall upon the players or the club’s ability to recruit top talent.  The frontline of Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney should be the world’s best.  The recent acquisitions of Marouane Fellaini and Juan Mata saw world class midfielders arrive to the club.  And yet, they stutter time and time again and have lost far too many games (6) at their fabled home of Old Trafford this season!  At this point, the blame can only be thrown upon their new manager David Moyes.  With many of the same players, former club legend Sir Alex Ferguson was able to hoist the Premier League crown one last time in 2013, but now that he is gone, fans and the team itself seem lost.

At the same time, crosstown rivals City have amassed one of the world’s strongest clubs, and they play inspired and passionate soccer.  Their manager, Manuel Pellegrini, has seen it all, and has coached other major clubs like Real Madrid.  Perhaps Moyes is just a tad inexperienced when it comes to managing a major club.

But now that City has won the Manchester Derby 3 times in a row, I think it’s quite simple to say that the Blues have taken control of the town.  United needs to dig in deep and start focusing on next year, though their efforts in the transfer market could be hampered by a lack of Champions League play!  Unless they pull off a miraculous glory in that competition this year (which is looking extremely unlikely), United could soon delve into the depths of despair that Liverpool found themselves in for roughly 5 years…Who could have ever thought?


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