Can the USA Actually Beat Germany at the 2014 World Cup


The Germans are waiting… – (Photo:

While even the thought of such a World Cup upset seems ridiculous, what if the United States rose up to beat the heavily favored Germany soccer team in their final group stage match?  Although few expect such a result, this tournament has certainly surprised a great deal of people, with a team like Costa Rica finishing atop a tough group with Italy, Uruguay, and England.  Who would of thought that was possible?  So now that we realize that there is a chance America could win this game with the Germans, here’s some reasons why we could manage the feat:

We are fighters!  The American national team has been tested in both our matches, and has responded each time.  First it was the Ghana team equalizing against the USA in the 82nd minute, only for John Brooks to finish the game off with a header in the 86th.  And against Portugal, the team recovered after going behind a goal in the 5th minute.  America even took the lead in the 81st before giving up a very late goal in stoppage time.  Unfortunately, there was no time left to respond to that one and the game ended as a draw.

Portugal and Ghana are both very good teams, and in the way we handled both games, there is definite hope that the USA has finally reached the level where they can compete against the top teams of the world.  However, Germany will be a greater beast than either of the two squads the USA have already faced.

Fortunately, America has the inside scoop on the German team.  5 of the USA players are actually half German and play in the Bundesliga.  The likes of John Brooks, Timothy Chandler, Fabian Johnson, Jermaine Jones, and Julian Green have played against the top German stars before.  They will know all their moves and won’t be surprised by the exuberance of the team.

This is much more beneficial that you’d think.  Because most of Germany’s players compete in the Bundesliga, much of the world doesn’t have the opportunity to play with and against them at the club level.  This often results in teams being stunned when they eventually meet them at a World Cup (see Germany 4, Portugal 0).

This benefit is exemplified by USA manager Jurgen Klinsmann, a German legend who not only won his country the 1990 World Cup, but also managed the side in 2006.  He knows the Germans inside and out, and is close personally with many on the team.  This insight could help the Americans immensely relating to the game tactics.

But facing world class stars like Philip Lahm, Mesut Ozil, and Thomas Muller is going to be a massive challenge, regardless of how well we know their skills.  If the United States is going to rise up in the match, they will need to play the match of their lives!  Jozy Altidore remains out injured so the team will be relying heavily on guys like Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, and Tim Howard, who will certainly need to be in top form.

While people have discussed the possibility of both teams playing for a draw, all the pre-match chatter seems to hint that both sides will go for the win and the prospect of winning the group.  While that could leave one team packing their bags for home, it does bode well for an exciting and competitive match of soccer tomorrow!  Let’s just hope that America can do what’s necessary to progress to the knockout stages of the 2014 World Cup!


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