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custom soccer jerseys

Fuchsia/Aqua = Custom Soccer Jerseys

We offer teams the ability to create custom color soccer jerseys. This is not to be confused with personalized soccer jerseys. One is designing your own soccer jersey; the other is decorating your jersey with team logos, numbers and names. For a better understanding, you can visit our custom jerseys page.

With our manufacturing capabilities, we figured that we could offer teams something really unique: the ability to make your own custom soccer jerseys. We’ve been allowing teams to create custom jerseys successfully for about two years now. And, it’s worked out great! Our graphic designer, the uber talented Allison Bair, wanted us to create a contest to see who could create the ugliest jersey – we may do that sometime. I think we figured there are about 29,000+ options, so it may take a while to figure out that one unique amazingly bad look!

Create Custom Soccer Jerseys

The good news is that it takes less time to create an even better look. The reality is that soccer jersey options have become more limited as companies focused on the best-selling colors. And, in listening to so many teams out there, teams were tired of showing up in the same jerseys as their competitors. And, so this left teams looking for something different – or teams with colors like purple, orange or kelly – sitting on the sidelines.

In the past two years, some companies have followed our lead with custom color options, but they fall down specifically in three areas:

  1. they cost a fortune
  2. they take too long
  3. to hit the minimum quantities you would need to add about three teams to your order.

Using our guiding mantra: easier, cheaper and faster, here’s how you can create custom soccer jerseys differently:

  • Ten Jerseys available for custom designs
  • Select your base color and accent color from sixteen options
  • Select your neck trim from available options
  • Minimum initial order is 10 jerseys – no minimum after
  • No surcharges – you pay the same price as the in-stock colors. If you select the Hudson to customize, you pay the same price as the Hudson jerseys.
  • Custom Jerseys are still delivered in under two weeks – yes, we’re that fast!
  • Free personalization still included! Get your free team logo and number

Go check out The Customizer and see what crazy combinations you can create for your team!


  • Testimonials

    My U-12 team's parents decided to treat the kids to custom jerseys this fall. The parents then tasked me with finding them! I found Totally Soccer on the internet, and it could not have been a better experience. The sales representative guided me through the process of designing the jerseys, and he was extremely helpful and courteous. Even though we placed our order just a few weeks before our first game, the sales representative told me the jerseys would arrive in time for the first game. Sure enough, they arrived right on schedule. The jerseys are great, and the kids absolutely love them. I would highly recommend Totally Soccer to anyone looking for uniforms.

    Thorne Barrett

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