David Beckham to Leave LA Galaxy after MLS Cup Final

Beckham has quite the fashion sense! - (Photo: Article.wn.com)

The MLS enjoyed one of the best soccer talents for roughly five years, but now soccer legend David Beckham has announced that he will be leaving the LA Galaxy after the MLS Cup Final match that takes place this weekend.  For Major League Soccer, his departure will be felt although he was unable to really bring about the revolution that MLS officials had hoped for when signing the English soccer star.

Many felt that David Beckham never truly wished to settle in Los Angeles and that the move to America was pushed largely by his wife, Victoria, a member of the 90’s girl group, The Spice Girls.  Beckham arrived nursing an injury that would plague him for most of his debut season in 2007.  Then Beckham arranged a loan move to AC Milan in early 2008 that caused him to miss the first half of the following MLS season.  Fans were angered over his seemingly heartless move to the Galaxy, and many held sings reading “Part-time Player” upon his midseason arrival to the club.

The season went well though, with Beckham scoring five goals, many of which utilized his brilliant right-footed shot.  However, the team fell in the MLS Cup final to Real Salt Lake in a penalty shootout.

Beckham then again went to AC Milan on loan in early 2009, again restricting his ability to play for the Galaxy.  Bu although his early years in LA were largely disappointing because of his lack of commitment, Beckham seems to have saved his best work for last.

In 2011, Beckham helped the team to an MLS Cup Championship alongside Landon Donovan and newcomer Robbie Keane.  In the current 2012 season, Beckham has had his most statistically impressive season, putting in eight goals, many of which portrayed the still awesome talent of his shooting foot.  With the MLS Cup final against the Houston Dynamo on the radar, the stage is set for a fantastic finale of David Beckham’s American career.

Sadly, the player has now announced that he will be moving on somewhere else.  Reports vary amidst the rumors and speculation, but most people feel he will either move back to Europe with Paris Saint-Germaine of France or to the Australian Soccer League.  At 37, the player is edging closer and closer to his inevitable retirement, though he does have a chance to prolong his career because of his incredible ability to direct in crosses and corner kicks.  David Beckham is truly a once in a generation type of player and he could probably still direct shots like that well into his 40’s.  The problem he faces however will be keeping up the level of fitness to run about a soccer field for 90 minutes.

And so the final chapter of Beckham’s American display will be this weekend for the MLS Cup.  Perhaps he could have improved American soccer more if he had refrained from all those early loan moves to AC Milan, but nevertheless, he has performed on the field, won a championship, and could very well be on his way to winning another one in a few days.


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