Focus on the Positives With your Soccer Team

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Soccer teams need a positive energy to sustain success and find happiness.  Especially at the youth level, you want your players to enjoy the sport and find joy in playing soccer.  Although winning is always important to any competitive person, if a coach can focus on positives during the games, regardless of the outcome, your team can find that even an 0-10 season can be rather enjoyable.  What matters is if you have a coach that remains positive no matter what and refrains from blaming players or focusing on mistakes in their performances.

Instead, a great youth coach laughs off mistakes and tries to emphasize the positives that their players made during the games.  One example of something to persuade in your team is that they show an element of fight and desire.  Countless games at every level of any sport are simply won by the team that wants it the most.  Praise your players for winning 50-50 balls or showing grit and determination during games.  Even if your team is on the wrong side of a lopsided blowout, seeing a player still give it their all regardless of the score is worthy of high praise.

Other examples of a time to compliment your players are when you watch them take a step further in developing their games.  When a player successfully performs his first scissor move to get passed a defender or shows a willingness to head a ball when they usually back off of such events, this is something that is commendable as a coach.

Another thing to take note of is analyzing aspects to work on in the next practice.  You will see that certain things need improvement within your team.  Instead of lambasting them about not being able to finish off chances with solid shots, take some time at your next soccer practice to work on a shooting drill.  Simply telling the players that they aren’t good enough is a great way to get youths to quit a sport.  Helping them improve in weak areas of their game will do wonders for their development as soccer players.

An important thing to understand as a youth soccer coach is that these soccer games are about the children.  Coaching U-7 soccer is not a lunching platform for the English Premier League, and you’re not going to be fired for poor results, so refrain from stressing out over your team.  Youth soccer needs to be enjoyable and beneficial to children not only in their growth as soccer players, but as people as well.  Besides school, for many of these kids, soccer teams are among their first forays into the world and interacting with other people.  Therefore, their coach needs to realize that and simply provide a nice environment for them to learn about the world.

Positive coaches are the among the reasons children will continue to play the sport of soccer and look back upon the game with fond memories.  Everyone recalls their most hated coach and those teams often stink because the order around the team is negative and frustrating.  Be a positive and inspiring coach, and enjoy the beauty of the game!


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