Gareth Bale is an All-Around Player with World Class Abilities

Gareth Bale is really good - (Photo:

Ever since his delightful performance against Brazilian star Maicon of Inter Milan in 2010, Gareth Bale has taken the soccer world by storm and looks destined to be held in the same breath as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi.  His pace and stunning left-footed shots have left goalies floundering, and his current form is on par with the best soccer players in the world.  Any aspiring youth soccer player should take some time to analyze his game and learn to emulate some of the brilliance that has enabled the 23 year old to take the English Premier League by storm.

Take a look here at his performance against Inter Milan and you’ll see some of the traits that make him an excellent soccer player:

What is so impressive about Gareth Bale is his endless drive and determination.  He is never scared of defenders and he has the pace and precision to get past them.  The defender in that game, Maicon, was considered amongst the world’s best right-backs before that match, and he was obliterated by the pace and intensity of Bale’s game.  One thing to note about his speed is also his acceleration and ability to switch to a higher gear.  This often leaves defenders flat-footed who simply cannot spring into action as quickly.

Also, notice how Gareth Bale repeatedly looks up when entering the final third of the field to make the smart passes and crosses.  He has supreme confidence on the ball and can send in a wicked cross to his strikers.

Since that memorable day in 2010, Gareth Bale has seen his goals and assists tallies steadily rise.  In the past few months he has emerged as possibly the best player in the entire English Premier League.  Take a look at this recent performance against Aston Villa where Bale earned a hat trick (set to another wonderful Coldplay song!):

Gareth Bale is now reaching supreme heights as a soccer player.  His ball-work has improved, as has his passing game and shooting.  His pace has always been impressive but with these new tools he looks to be a younger version of Cristiano Ronaldo.  Take a look at his free kick work against Lyon just last week:

The way he makes the ball swerve and dip is like David Beckham. There is seemingly no limits to what Gareth Bale can achieve as he grows and develops as a player.  Most players peak in their later 20’s, and by that time, Bale may be the best player in the world.

Lastly, Gareth Bale is the type of impact player who can take over a game when his team needs it.  This trait cannot be learned, it simply stems from a person’s ability to thrive under high pressure.  Take a look at Bale’s most recent goal, scored in stoppage time of a Premier League match that Tottenham really needed to win:

Able to almost score at will, Gareth Bale is becoming the most dominating player that the English Premier League has seen in years.  Youngsters take notes, this is the type of player you want to be!



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