How to Deal with the High Speed and Intensity of Indoor Soccer

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Indoor soccer is a very condensed and intense game.  The small arenas and slick turf surface makes the outdoor soccer game feel like a large range of spacious meadows by comparison.  Due to this limited field size, the indoor soccer game is compacted and thus more quick and fast paced.  For youth soccer players, this can pose a serious challenge.  The need for quick actions and thinking rises while any hesitation can result in a loss of possession or even a quick goal by your opponents.  Here are some tips to help you thrive in this fast paced environment.

First things first, you need to play with your instincts and your gut.  Because things happen so fast in this game, there is less importance given to slowly and methodically working your way up the field.  You want to make quick incisive decisions and push up the field in a matter of a few seconds.  This is the only way to catch your opponents off guard open up the necessary space to find goal scoring opportunities.

The same can be said for shooting chances.  If you have a good look at the goal, go ahead and shoot.  Not only are missed shots often rebounded to your teammates by the wall, but your window of opportunity to shoot will often last less than a second as the goalie and defenders close you down from the short distance needed.  Therefore, take more shooting chances, but do refrain from long-range shots.  Shooting from a distance is actually harder in indoor soccer because the goal is so small.

One benefit about understanding the quick nature of the game is that it lets the players be more aggressive on defense.  With teams of just five players on the field, there are fewer options for players to pass to, especially when they are in a hurry.  When a defender reaches out in a flash to steal the ball, it is difficult to find an outlet quickly, and one can easily snatch possession.

And so on offense, be on a constant lookout of your surroundings.  Know where your teammates are, know where your opponents are, and quickly make the best decision with the ball.

A part of your game that you will need to master immediately is ball control. Keeping in close contact with the ball at all times is essential to both preventing defenders from taking it away, and it lets you quickly distribute the ball elsewhere.  Practice juggling and dribbling with closely placed cones so that your touch on the ball improves.  But most importantly, develop your touch to the point where you can lift your head up and analyze the game.  Know where the ball is from your touch and control.  Feel the ball. Don’t stare down at it.

Indoor soccer is such a great game because of its quick nature.  There are lots of chances for goals and exciting moments, but you definitely will want the majority of those situations to play out in your favor.  Being on top of the ball and catching your opponent off-guard is crucial to the success of your indoor soccer team.


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