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Every year, we print tons of soccer jerseys. At some points during the year, we even dream about them like Sugar Plums – it’s crazy. During difficult economic times, a great way to decrease costs for families and players is to find a sponsor for your soccer jerseys. No matter if you are the defending 5 year old recreational soccer champions or the elite club team that travels the country trying to impress college coaches, every team could use a sponsors.

But, it always amazes us how many teams don’t have sponsors. Finding community support is critical to every functioning soccer team and organization. Here are some tips on finding sponsors for your soccer team.

Who Sponsors Soccer Teams?

With so many personalized soccer jerseys through the factory with sponsor’s names or logos, we have a birds-eye view on who supports soccer teams. It will vary from community to community, but there is a trend. We see the following types of businesses sponsor teams around the country:

  • Local Pizza parlors
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Bars/Restaurants (great for adult teams – support the bar or restaurant by visiting and eating there)
  • Dentists/Orthodontists
  • Banks
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Insurance Agents

Who we don’t see sponsoring teams?

We also don’t want you to waste your time. It’s pretty rare for us to see the following types of companies:

  • National Gas Stations (you’d think they’d give away a little bit of money)
  • National Food Chains (exception: Quizno’s – we do see them from time to time)
  • Car Dealerships (exception: Volvo)

What can you offer them?

Sponsors will decide on spending money in various ways. Since no one is printing money anymore (except of course, the government, banks and oil), you have to show how you can provide value to them, it is easier to sell. Depending on your team or club, you can sell sponsorships and provide value in a number of ways. As you consider each item, figure out how much that “asset” is worth. For instance, you can print their logo on your jersey – that would be an asset. You can print it on a team banner – again, another asset to expose their brand. You should consider creating levels like Platinum, Gold and Silver. For instance, if you sold two sponsors – one a Platinum and one a Gold – you could print one logo on the full front and one logo on the sleeve. These, of course, should pay different amounts.

  • Print their Company Name on full front/sleeves/back above the number of your jerseys
  • Put their logo on your Team Banner
  • Have a website? Drop in their logo and a thanks
  • Offer to handout literature to parents (great for Professionals: lawyers, dentists, Real Estate Agents, etc)
  • Sideline Banners (great for tournaments)

How to get a Sponsor?

  1. Target & Network – determine with your team/club who in the community might be interested in Sponsorship Opportunities.
  2. Call – Enthusiasm is key! Introduce yourself and explain who you are and who you represent. Solicit interest level, find decision maker and sell them on the concept. Sometimes you can secure approval then and there – do it! Get an address if you can’t get immediate approval
  3. Follow with a Letter – thank them for their interest, explain sponsorship levels (if appropriate) and ask for their support
  4. Seal the Deal – Get the money, Get the money, Get the money…

How do you keep your Sponsor feeling happy?

It is easier to keep a sponsor than to find a new one. Including your sponsor as a part of your team (or club) is invaluable and will go miles when you ask again next season! Here are a few suggestions:

  • Send team schedule with a personal invitation to attend game(s)
  • Send a thank you card with player signatures
  • Present team photo plaque that could be hung in an office (this is why you want a full front logo – the sponsor will be in your picture!)
  • Invite to end of season party and introduce them as your sponsor

Soccer sponsorships are a great way to decrease costs for families. Finding and keeping your Sponsors takes just a little work and a little thought, but the results are worth it!


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    Thank you, I really was beginning to believe that your company didn't exist, but after talking to you yesterday, ordering, and then receiving the socks today in time to pass them out to the girls during their lunch; I do believe your company is amazing! The boys team saw the socks and wanted a pair, the other team's coach ask where I got them, but best of all the girls felt great in their uniforms with their new socks. We lost our game, but play well. Thanks again for getting us the socks so quickly!

    Kim Lang

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