How to Get More Assists on Your Soccer Team

Cesc Fabregas - A true pass master - (Photo:

Everyone loves the awesome moment of scoring a goal in a soccer match, but often times the striker isn’t the most important player on the team.  The players that often make the difference in games are the providers, the soccer players who rack up assists as the play their teammates into open space and provide opportunities to score a goal.  Not only is creating goal scoring chances absolutely vital to a team’s success, but it can be every bit as rewarding for players who develop a knack for organizing goals. Here are some tips for how you can improve in creating assists for your soccer team.

Always keep your head up.  How frustrating can it be when you make a brilliant run through an opposing defense only for your teammate to not make the correct pass to you?  Many times the teammate isn’t necessarily ignoring you, but perhaps he or she didn’t see you because they were too busy looking down at the ball.  As a pass-master, you need to have complete control of the ball at all times so that you can find the perfect pass to your striker.  Instead of focusing down at your feet, keep a head up and your eyes roaming around for that player who is making a solid run towards the goal so that you can supply the assist.

Also, learn how to pass effectively.  Different situations call for different types of passes.  If there is a vast open space between two defenders, playing a gentle rolling pass can provide the breakthrough, however sometimes you will need to chip a ball over defenders to your players.  Learning to develop touch on these overhead passes is something that professionals must truly master to become the effective #10 type of player.

Another thing you will want to practice is your ability to cross the ball.  Wingers and full backs are often in forward positions where a strong cross can provide a striker with a free header on the goal.  Being able to provide a well-driven cross right onto your teammate’s head is no easy feat, and amateurs rarely complete the task.  Learning how to send in brilliant crosses can also lead to someone being chosen as the primary corner kick taker.

A great player to watch and learn from is Cesc Fabregas.  The Spanish international superstar has been a tremendous player for Barcelona the last few years, but here is a highlight clip of his most splendid assists while at his former club, Arsenal. Notice how calm he is on the ball. Instead of rushing to try and speed past players, he pauses and hesitates in order to find the perfect pass.  Also, he thinks outside of the box.  Many of theses passes are put into spaces where the striker is going to be, not where he is.  Therefore, the defenders are often caught off guard and the striker is able to pounce upon the loose ball and score.

Many times a player will make a beautiful pass but their forward wastes the opportunity.  Although it can be frustrating, take aims to be relaxed and patient in setting up goal-scoring chances.  If you provide enough for your team, eventually someone will take advantage and score the goal, and it will be all thanks to your wonderful assist!


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