How to Get Noticed By Your Soccer Coach


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Maybe you’re a young player gearing up for your first soccer tryout.  Maybe you’re a high school soccer player trying to get more playing time on your team.  Or perhaps you’re one of the guys on the fringes of a 30-man preliminary World Cup roster trying to make the cut for the final 23 and a trip to Brazil this summer!  Whatever your current situation is, you certainly want to get noticed by your coaches.  If you want to get the big opportunities in the biggest matches, you need to make sure that your coaches are well aware of your abilities and your potential.  So how do you catch their eye?

The most important thing to learn is that you need to make an impact.  How else is someone going to notice what you can bring to the table?  Making impact plays can come in many different forms.  Yes, obviously blasting in a tremendous goal is the most wonderful way in which to catch a coach’s attention, but other things like key passes, assists, good tackles, or blocks can certainly be important factors in helping your team win, and they certainly won’t go unnoticed.

In training or during tryouts, you can also make a good impact.  Don’t hesitate to take on players one on one (though you should be hoping you’ll actually beat them).  Use your moves and your skills to delight the people watching.  A huge part of this also comes down to your attitude.

Are you getting along well with the rest of the players, both on and off the field?  Often times a lesser skilled player will get the nod in a big game simply because he or she plays better with the team.  Remember, soccer is a team sport, and the team comes first.  Therefore, see what value your play can add to the team in addition to simply yourself.

Another great way to make an eye-catching impact is through your work off the ball.  Are you running open and creating space for great passes from your teammates?  Are you the first player getting back to defend after your team loses possession?  These kinds of moments showcase how well you are willing to fight for your team and its success.  If you are lazy or feel entitled and like it isn’t worth your time to track back and help defenders, well, you’re wrong!  In fact, a coach will certainly notice that and react accordingly.  Be positive, helpful, supportive, and always on the lookout for a big play that could change the game.

Coaches want players that care about the sport and can produce an impact.  You don’t have to be the most talented player, nor do you have to score a goal every single game, but if you can make enough quality plays and do enough dirty work to keep your team on top, your coach will notice you and you will be well rewarded with what you seek.  Remember to always train hard and stay in shape, and to always play in a manner that seeks to help the team!


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