How to Get your Teammates to Pass you the Soccer Ball

Making runs into the 6-yard box is a great way to get passes! - (Photo:

Team sports can always be a challenge when players don’t pass you the ball.  In fact, without the soccer ball, it is nearly impossible to do anything in the game of soccer.  Passing the ball is one of the tasks that is often left unfulfilled at the youth level of the game, but if you watch professionals play soccer, you will notice that they are constantly passing the ball all over the field.  A great team like Barcelona often accumulates over 750 successful passes throughout a soccer game!  How can a young player get their teammates to pass them the ball?

Easy, ask for it!  When you are open, let the player on the ball know it.  Often times, a young player will want to pass you the ball, but when they are too busy looking down at the ball or trying to shield off a defender they don’t know where you are.  A simple shout or wave of the arms can often alert your player to your location and help begin a solid pass.  Good communication is key!

However, a good point to note is that you need to be open and in a reachable area to receive the ball.  Although the professionals can easily loft a long pass across the entire field, few U-7 players can manage the feat.  Therefore, don’t call for the ball unless you honestly believe the player will be able to reach you.

Also, don’t call for passes when there are clearly several defenders between you and your teammate.  If you invite horrid passes, that player will eventually stop passing to you altogether.  A smarter player waits for the right moments to call for a pass, such as when they are open in space, or could make a nice run into spaces with a good pass.

Passing takes a lot of work to master with young soccer teams.  Since players do not have as much confidence on the ball they tend to look down a lot, which hampers their ability to see the correct play.  Thus, when an open pass is often attainable just for a second or two, there is a strong likelihood that great opportunities will often go wasted.

As a player who wants to receive a pass, be aware of this and don’t let it get you down.  Yes, it can be excruciatingly frustrating to have to constantly wait and wait for a player to ever find you with a pass, but on the occasions that the ball does come rolling your way, you will be ready to pounce upon it.

Good passing between teammates is often built through practice.  Coaches should institute passing drills between players and teach them methods to find open spaces on the field.  This way, you teammates and you will begin to trust each other more and be able to effectively move the ball around as a single unit.  Soccer teams really aren’t the correct places for ball-hogs to play as soccer is the ultimate team sport.  Therefore, everyone on a team should be well-trained in both passing the ball and in calling for passes so that your soccer team can maintain good possession and win games!


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