How to Maintain and Hold Onto a Lead in Indoor Soccer Games

Goals and Shots Come Mighty Fast in Indoor Soccer - (Photo:

Indoor soccer is a great way to keep playing soccer even after your outdoor league finishes.  Although there are slight differences in the indoor variant of the sport, the general game remains the same.  However, because of a higher propensity to score lots of goals, no lead is too insurmountable for the opposition to come back from, and so protecting a lead can be a very difficult task, especially as teams desperately try to earn a vital equalizer in the dying moments.  Here are some tips to help your team maintain their advantage towards the end of the game so that you can go home as winners.

The first tip is to not change your game plan too much.  Your team built a lead because of your offensive efforts, so don’t sit back and defend.  Goals can come out of nowhere in indoor soccer, and allowing the game to take place in your own half will undoubtedly result in more goals conceded.  Therefore, when preserving a lead, don’t ever ease off of the gas pedal.

But do slow the game down.  Let the other team rush in their pursuits of goals.  When they play with too much of a sense of urgency, their precision stumbles and this often leads to mistakes.  If you can slow down the tempo a bit, not only does precious seconds tick off of the clock, but you will also frustrate the opponents greatly, leading to a drop in their quality of play.

This could possibly enable you to pounce upon more of their mistakes and lead to another goal that will simply extend your lead.  Also, get more physical as a team.  Don’t necessarily just start fouling them, but don’t let them have an easy path to your goal.  This will also help with the raising your oppositions’ annoyance and urgency.

When the match enters the final few minutes, start playing keep-away in the opposition’s half.  I’m sure you know of the drill in outdoor soccer where you take the ball to the opponent’s corner and hold possession, and this can be done with indoor soccer too if you want to waste precious seconds.  This tactic works quite well in indoor soccer as the wall will help keep the ball from going out of bounds and you can even use it to support your body when the opposition strains to steal the ball away.

But don’t be afraid to continue to go for the goal also.  The best way to hold onto a lead is to build upon it and keep scoring.  This also deflates the opposition.  So much of momentum is mental, and if you can keep on a strong head with your team, you will be fine and not suffer from blowing away a strong lead.

Indoor soccer is a lot like basketball and hockey, in that leads are difficult to preserve do the high propensity of teams to score lots of goals.  Therefore, don’t ever let a lead slip by getting too comfortable in your position.  If the game starts to slip away, it will hurt your team, and you must never let off because in indoor soccer the story can change very fast!


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