How to Make Your Soccer Team a Group of Impact Players


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One of the most important qualities of a soccer player is their ability to make an impact.  Sure passing backwards can help you keep possession, but you want players that know how to drive the ball forward successfully and create goal-scoring chances.  These are the soccer players that grow up to earn college scholarships and become professionals, and they are by far the most influential players in the game.  So how can you teach your crop of youth soccer players to go out and make an impact every time they get the ball at their feet?

The first thing you need to profess to your players is to build up stamina.  Impact players often do their best work when everyone else is tired and sluggish.  Energized and ready to attack, the playmaker bursts onto the ball and blazes 60 yards down the field before setting up their striker with a perfect pass to score.  Your players need to have the energy to make those powerful runs, and good stamina and speed is key.  Perhaps you don’t want to fill your soccer practices with conditioning exercises, but do encourage jogging and overall fitness improvements to your team for this very reason.

Another thing to profess to the kids is to always look up and have an eye for the incisive pass or run.  Youngsters tend to struggle with passing because they keep their eyes trained to the ground and on the ball.  Learning to look up requires great confidence in your foot skills and can be a great challenge at the youth soccer level.  Nevertheless, soccer is a team game and you need to keep an eye out for teammates if you are to find any success in the sport.  Therefore, make sure to encourage the players to look up when on the ball.

Off the ball, your players need to be finding space and getting open.  Natural impact players seem to develop a 6th sense for finding space but you had better believe that this skill doesn’t grow by chance.  The best playmakers work hard to get open for their teammates and are well rewarded with passes to them.  Naturally this constant running can be exhausting but remember all that talk about building stamina?  You need the consistent energy to make lots of plays!

Lastly, for your youth soccer team to become a crop of impact players, you need to keep a positive mindset flowing throughout the team.  Positivity is the key recipe for success in soccer and can often be the vital difference maker in a breakaway sprint down the field.  Players that are afraid or unsure of themselves will stem the momentum and pass backwards when they could have easily continued their burst forward.  Meanwhile the true playmaker will attack with relentless energy and create that goal.  Help your players find that “killer instinct” needed to create goal-scoring chances and watch them find success.

Soccer is certainly not an easy sport to master because there is so much intricacy within the seemingly simple game of kicking around the ball.  But the best impact players are the ones who understand the subtle nuances and can truly master the ball.  With endless energy, a forward thinking mentality, and the awareness to look up for good passes, such players are a coach’s dream.  But now that you know what your players need, start teaching the essentials and get your impact players scoring goals in the games ahead!


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