How to Pick the Best Name for Your Soccer Team

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What is in a name?  What is in a team name?  Everything.  The name of a soccer team reflects the single burning image of that club.  When I think of Arsenal FC, the cannon and the mighty red color of the team all come forth in a blaze of weaponry.  Clearly, there is a strong association of any particular soccer club with their name, and the same can be said for the various youth teams across the globe.  Here are some tips to help you when determining what to call your particular soccer team:

Think about what you want you players to represent on the soccer field.  Does your team evoke the fury of ferocious cats, or is there another predator you choose to showcase, like a shark.  Perhaps you prefer to take flight like a noble eagle or falcon?  Animal names are very popular soccer team names, especially for young teams.  Perhaps you should analyze the players on your team to come up with a fitting creature to the team’s personality.

But there are other popular team names beyond the animal kingdom!  Exciting words can become great names like the Blizzards or the Crush!  These names invoke a powerful image as well and will be fun for your team.  Also, it offers more chances to have a unique team specifically for your players.

Other types of names recall scientific achievements like the Rockets or the Jets.  Or, you can name your team for exciting characters like the Pirates or the Cowboys.  Let your imagination run wild and think about the interesting things in the world that could inspire a soccer team name.  The options are literally endless.

One thing I recommend is to let your players help determine the team name.  Allow the players to throw out ideas (who knows what they can come up with!) and then have them vote on the best ones.  Be sure to eliminate any ridiculous sounding names and let the players choose from several options.  This will let the players feel more tied to their team and have a real passion.  Also, it’s a fun team-building exercise that can help bring players together at the beginning of the year.

Once your team name is established, you will be able to comfortably focus on the sport of soccer and your players will have a clear image of their team in mind.  Whether your team is the Barracudas or the Astronauts, you will surely have a fun time when your players all join in the excitement of their team having found its identity.

Now you need to get the right jerseys for your team.  Totally Soccer has the best supply of soccer jerseys and strives to bring them to you in the quickest and best manner, providing you with the highest quality soccer jerseys for your team.

With your team name established and your jerseys in hand, it is time for your soccer team to hit the field and start gearing up for the new season.  It will surely be a great one now!


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