How to Respond With Getting Cut From a Soccer Tryout

Tryouts can be tough and brutal! - (Photo:

As soccer players mature, they will soon be interested in joining travel teams or school teams.  Because such squads are often restricted in size, they can become quite competitive, especially if the area is full of talented soccer players.  Such teams usually hold a tryout at the start of the season to determine who makes up the squad.  While such an event presents an opportunity for you to showcase your skills, with every tryout inevitably comes the disappointment for some people regarding getting cut from the team.  Perhaps you simply aren’t that good, or maybe you were sick that day which left you at a disadvantage, or maybe the coach had to make room for his less talented son at your expense!  Whatever, the reasons, you won’t be playing with that particular soccer team this season.  Now, sit back, take a deep breath, and learn how to cope with such a disappointment.

First off, you need to accept that you didn’t make the right impression.  You may be a great player who just had an off day, or you might want to remind yourself that 20 other guys were better than you on that day.  Don’t place blame on the kid that you thought didn’t deserve the spot.  Don’t get mad and resent everyone else for this.  If you were the best kid out there, you would have made the team.  Clearly you weren’t, so accept it and move on.

Look for other soccer teams to join.  Is there another team you can try out for, perhaps even join a recreational league?  If you want to play soccer, you will be able to find a league in which you can play in.  Another thing to remember too, is if you were on the cusp of making that school or travel team, and just didn’t, you may actually have saved yourself from a season of boredom and bench riding.  If you had been the last person to make the squad, chances are you wouldn’t have played much anyways.  Contrast this with a rec league where you might be the team’s best player.  Which scenario would you enjoy more?

Something else you should think about is that there most certainly is always another avenue to play soccer.  Make sure you continue to play and develop, and then try out for the team next year!  If you can show the resolve to improve on your own time, and truly become a great player, next year you will get noticed by the coaches.  And if this was your senior year of high school, remember that there are countless adult leagues you can join and even club soccer teams and school teams in college.  If you love soccer, there will be a way for you to play it.

And so don’t fret too long about your disappointing tryout result.  While that avenue of soccer has closed its door on you, this situation presents an opportunity for you to grow.  You can find another league and a place to play soccer and you can move on from your failures.  Remember, even as a professional, tryouts are a common part of the game, so learn from the mistakes you may have made and push forward in your pursuits as a soccer player!


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