How to Score More Goals in Youth Soccer

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Soccer is a game that is about the goals!  Everyone wants to be the goal-scorer, and him or her that scores is always the center of the glory and celebrations in soccer.  But scoring goals is no easy feat.  Defenders and goalies live for slowing down goal-scoring chances and can make the task incredibly difficult for any soccer player.  Additionally, the pressures of a big time game and the high speed of soccer can pass by any chance, and many players struggle to find the back of the net.  Here are some tips to help you be better prepared for the next time you find yourself with the ball in front of the opponent’s goal.

Practice shooting.  Having a strong and well-aimed shot is a crucial aspect for any forward to score a goal.  Weak shots will be easily saved by the goalie.  Additionally, misplaced shots will simply go off-target.  You need to be able to aim for the corners of the goal and get the ball there.

Shooting is an especially difficult task for young player whose bodies haven’t developed the strength to really put power behind their shots.  The only way to correct this is to work on your shooting.  But instead of endlessly taking penalty kicks at a goal, try to re-create a live game situation.  Shooting is a totally different game when you are in motion, and players should practice like such to really learn how to shoot while sprinting at full speed.

Also, this training will help improve confidence and composure in front of the goal.  You will never score a goal if you don’t fully believe that you can score, so be sure to practice the high-speed chances so that players can improve their confidence.

Scoring goals is often a mind game for forward players.  Professionals often go long stretches without scoring before they erupt and score a goal per game for weeks on end.  How is this possible?  Players find form when things go their way and the game slows down.  Improving your confidence and shooting ability will surely help you achieve a consistent level of goal scoring.

Another important thing to remember is that it is okay for a player to be a bit selfish in front of the goal if you think you have a good goal scoring opportunity.  Soccer players are often taught the importance of passing and not trying to win the game all by themselves, but if a team just passes the ball around and no one shoots, how likely is it that the team will ever score a goal.  When you see an opportunity and think you can take a shot, go for it and score the goal!

A last point to make about goal scoring prowess is that you have to want to score a goal.  In fact, turn this idea into an obsession and build a “need” to score a goal.  If you play with a clear goal of scoring goals in your mind, you will probably go out there and find the ball in front of the goal.  But do try to enjoy the game, regardless of goals scored, and try not to put too much pressure on yourself to score.  Just relax and believe in yourself.  If you can do that, the goals will come naturally!


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