How to Use Facebook to Setup a Great Soccer Season [Video]

As Labor Day approaches, the Fall soccer season is upon us where nearly nineteen million soccer players will take the field. And for each one of those teams, there is a volunteer soccer coach. One of the major drags of coaching a soccer team is communicating with all the parents and players. While communicating with parents on the fly has gotten easier over time due to technology, it still is time consuming. Since practically everyone is constantly on Facebook, leveraging the benefits Facebook can make life as a soccer coach a snap. Use Facebook as a central hub for communicating with your team and with a simple message, you can communicate with everyone that needs to know. Set up a group on Facebook and unleash the ease and power of communicating with your team. Here’s step-by-step written instructions of how to setup a Facebook group for soccer teams:

Here are 8 useful ways Soccer Coaches can use Facebook to organize their soccer team:


List Events
Take twenty minutes and setup the game schedule and practice schedule for the season. From there, you can easily make changes as they occur, but you will create full knowledge of what, when and where. Pretty simple.

Conduct Polls
Need to make practice changes, organize a team BBQ or figure out a time that works best for everyone. Conduct a quick and easy poll.

Weather Updates
There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to make sure everyone shows up when you have practice. Sprinkle in a little bit of bad weather and everyone starts freaking out, playing the role of Al Roker and driving you crazy. “Are we having practice today?” Simple answer: One line post, “Practice is on!”

Organize Rides
We’ve all faced that moment where we realize we simply won’t get there in time to take little Johnny to practice. Wouldn’t it be brilliant to simply post one note and find him a ride? Yes, you can do that here too.

Promote Team Growth

Match Recap
Communicating how your team performed isn’t always best directly after a game. Players are tied and distracted. Add-in limited practice time and posting a post-game match recap can be an effective way of keeping everyone up to speed. You should always identify the game’s wins, losses and chances for improvement.

Share your Session
Get a head start on your training session by sharing what you’re going to be doing for the day. You can avoid all those, “What are we going to do today?” questions that stunt practices and are just plain annoying. And, your players can show up with peace of mind what you want to accomplish and move efficiently from soccer exercise to exercise.

Get Your Players in the Backyard
No matter what we do as coaches, our true role is to ignite the fire and passion in our players. With limited amounts of practice time, the teal development happens in the backyard. If you make soccer fun, kids will choose to go into the backyard with their ball and practice. Here’s a great place where you can post “Backyard Player Challenges.” Oh, and make sure you check to see which players have completed the work at the start of every practice – ask to see what they worked on!

Build Camaraderie

Share Pictures
Camaraderie on a team is paramount to success. And, nothing can build camaraderie like sharing pictures of your players. Parents love seeing game day pictures of their players and this is a perfect forum to share those memories.

Encourage Teammates
Parents, players and coaches can congratulate and encourage teammates with open comments. Imagine allowing people to post their positive feedback after your post-game match report.

While Facebook is largely a leisure time pursuit, it can be an effective hub of communication for your soccer team. Get your team ready for success and setup your own Facebook group for your soccer team!


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