How’s Your “Head Fake Learning” in Soccer?

The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture

Randy Pausch is the guy behind The Last Lecture. If you aren’t familiar with the story,Professors in college are to give seminal “last lectures” when they retire. Unfortunately for Randy, his last lecture came as a result of losing his battle with cancer.

Randy became one of those lifetime coaches who taught such important life lessons. His last lecture became an internet phenomenon and also went on to become a best-selling book. It truly is inspirational. I’m a bit of a crier (turn the Hallmark station on and the facet starts running)  and this one sent me over the edge. As a coach, we’re “enablers of helping others achieve their dreams.” We can’t forget that.

Below is the video of Randy’s Last Lecture – it’s long, but it will move you. It will make you think. It has changed people’s lives (just read the YouTube comments). I want you to pay close attention at minute 8:15 where he speaks about his childhood experiences with football. In this clip, he introduces the concept of “head fake learning.” Head Fake Learning is where we use one activity to teach another. For instance, we use sports to teach teamwork. And hustle. And determination. The concept is spot on. Personally, as a soccer coach, I’ve always held that soccer is a microcosm of life. All the things you learn on a soccer field to be successful are directly applicable to your success in the classroom, as a friend and as a working adult. And, at the end of the video at 1:14:00, he tells you what the talk was about…something we all could use a reminder. Great video!

What are the important lessons you’re teaching your team using “head fake learning?”


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