Indoor Soccer Greatly Improves Strikers and Goalies

Behind the indoor soccer goal - (Photo:

Indoor Soccer is not only a fun way to keep playing the beautiful game during cold winter months, it also enables great improvements on two of the sport’s most vital skill areas: Scoring goals and saving goals.  Because of the quickness of the game and the limited size of the field, indoor soccer games create far more goal-scoring chances than outdoor soccer.  Thus, your strikers and goalies will benefit from more opportunities to practice their skills.

Also, because the indoor soccer field is so small, chances occur repeatedly on either end of the pitch meaning that your players must be on their toes and fully prepared at all times.  A goal scoring chance that hits the far wall and bounces to a defender who clears the ball up to a sprinting forward can result in a chance on the opposite side of the field in just five seconds!  Thus, indoor soccer prepares its players to be alert and ready at all times and helps improve players’ focus.

Also, because of the diminished size of the actual goal in indoor soccer, strikers have a smaller target to aim for.  This will greatly improve their accuracy.  Outdoor goals are rather large, especially for youth soccer players.  Playing with a smaller goal will force players to take better aim and actually makes goal-scoring a bit harder.

For goalies and strikers as well, indoor soccer improves skills by producing more goal-scoring chances.  This is simply more practice in the vital moments of matches.  For developing soccer players, these moments are the most important to train with and will help them improve at scoring and making saves.

Additionally, the fast-paced nature of the indoor soccer game will help players deal with pressure and more high-speed play.  The turf surface and diminished field size means that break-aways last only a split second and forces players to use only one or two touches before shooting.  The ball moves quicker on turf than on grass, and thus players become more experienced with high-paced games like they will encounter in later, more advanced years.

Goalies are encouraged to come out and challenge the forwards more, and this helps them gain confidence to do so with multiple situations like this in every game.  Players can also take many more shots from long range that will assist goalies in multiple facets of their game.  For an aspiring goalie, indoor soccer is quite possibly the best in-game training that you can find.

Clearly, indoor soccer has its benefits and many of these can transfer over into outdoor soccer as well.  Giving strikers and goalies many more goal scoring chances to work with than traditional soccer, the indoor game can be very helpful in improving the skills and talents of your soccer team.  There are many indoor soccer leagues and arenas around the country so be sure to check them out so that your team can continue playing in the winter.  Instead of gaining weight and embracing laziness, take advantage of indoor soccer this winter so that your team will be improved and ready to go come spring.


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