Keep Your Soccer Player Warm as the Weather Grows Cold

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As we enter these cold months of winter, there is as much a focus on player health as there is for soccer development.  I mean, how much training is a young kid really going to put in if they have to battle a troublesome cold for 2 weeks?  A soccer player needs to be in good health and shape in order to function at the highest level.  In winter, many soccer teams continue to play, and a young budding soccer star will surely want to take the ball outside for some practice.  So here are some tips to help a young player beat the cold and stay healthy throughout the cold months of winter.

Bundle up!  No, your soccer-playing child doesn’t need to be outfitted in full snow gear, but you should definitely invest in some long-sleeved athletic gear.  Many brands are now available that provide good body coverage that is tight fitting so that someone can still move around well.  Keeping one’s self warm and being still able to run around effortlessly is a wonderful step forward.  Additionally, consider wearing a hat and gloves.  The hat is actually vital as most of a person’s body heat escapes through their head.  A tight-fitting beanie is the perfect hat for a soccer player in cold weather.

The neck is another sweet spot that needs to stay warm.  The location of most suffering during a cold can be covered with turtlenecks and large-collared shirts.  Take care to cover your neck as well.  Be careful about this; a person can get a cold from just 20 minutes outside on a cold day without the necessary clothing on!  The annoyance and pains of a cold is clearly not worth it!

The difficulty in playing sports in cold weather is that your body warms up, often making a player want to discard their warm layers because they get a bit hot.  This is a bad idea.  Your sweat will get cold very rapidly and can drastically hurt your body!  Make sure that all the long-sleeved warming clothes are kept on until a player is back inside where it is warm.

Another tip to staying healthy is to drink warm tea after a session in the cold.  The warm drink will greatly help warm your body up.  Though, wait several minutes after coming inside before guzzling tea.  You need to rehydrate with some cool water first, wait ten minutes, and then go for the tea.

Staying healthy goes beyond just being prepared for the elements.  Eat healthy, always get a good night’s rest, and always wash your hands.  Winter is a time of the year when nearly everyone contracts a cold at some point, but the negative effects it can have on your soccer training and development can be very damaging.  Therefore, make sure that you are well prepared to handle the cold weather so that you will be out on the field day after day getting better and ready for the next big game.


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