The Top 5 Soccer Clubs In Europe at the Moment

The continent of Europe: The world's supreme soccer battleground - (Photo:

Although the Champions League will certainly do a good job of determining which team is the best in Europe, so much of that tournament is left up to fate: an awkward bounce that leads to a tragic goal, or a horrendous refereeing decision that can ruin any team’s hopes.  Such is the way of soccer, but based on how the current season is shaping up, we can clearly detect which 5 European soccer clubs look the strongest, and should be the ones figuring in at the end of the season for this supreme trophy amongst others.

5.  Manchester City – Yes this is a team that lost in Cardiff City just a month ago, but after this past weekend’s blowout 4-1 win over rivals Manchester United, it appears as if Man City is beginning to click offensively.  Sergio Aguero is already a star but he is getting even better.  Yaya Toure may be the best midfielder in the world, and manager Manuel Pellegrini is beginning to look like a genius with the squad he has assembled.  Adding to the ranks this season with proven veterans like Alvaro Negredo, Jesus Navas, Fernandinho, and Stevan Jovetic, Manchester City is possibly the deepest team in Europe, and that will surely prove to be fruitful as the season wears on.

4.  Napoli – With a perfect record through 4 Italian Serie A matches and a victory over last year’s Champions League finalists Borussia Dortmund, Napoli is doing just fine after the massive summer sale of Edinson Cavani.  The funds have been wisely invested throughout the squad on players like Gonzalo Higuain, Raul Albiol, and Pepe Reina.  With Championship winning experience among these players and manager Rafa Benitez, Napoli should dominate Italy and could have a strong run in Europe, making them the surprise top 5 soccer team going forward.

3.  Real Madrid – By recruiting Gareth Bale, the Spanish monster of a club now house the world’s two most expensive players.  However, that hasn’t been the deal of the summer so far for the club.  The best new boy in Real Madrid currently is Isco, a 21-year-old Spanish playmaker. He does it all, providing brilliant passes and scoring beautiful goals, of which he has already netted 5 this season for his new club.  Once Bale really does get integrated into the side to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, this team might actually be unstoppable.

2.  Barcelona – The other half of Spain’s contenders also bought a sweet new player in Neymar, widely touted as the next great Brazilian striker. Honestly, this team hardly needed him.  Messi, Fabregas, Pedro, Xavi, and Iniesta still make this team the most delightful to watch and the most likely to win in just about any match.  While they truly suffered with Messi out injured at the business end of last season, Barcelona still won La Liga, and until Real Madrid proves otherwise, Barcelona remain the best team in Spain.

1.  Bayern Munich – Although they have already drawn a match in Germany, Bayern Munich is as exciting as they are ruthless.  Featuring nearly half of the German national team, Munich is also the home of other non-German superstars like Arjen Robben, Frank Ribery, and Javi Martinez, who are all forming a brilliant partnership.  They won the Champions League last year and now have Pep Guardiola at the helm.  Meanwhile incoming midfielder Mario Gotze simply adds even more sizzle to this team’s spark.  I don’t know who will be able to beat them, as this team is currently the best in all of Europe.


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