Tips for a Memorable and Successful Soccer Tournament

Soccer Tournaments Rock! (Photo: WoodleyWonderWorks)

Participating in a tournament can be a fantastically productive event while also serving as a team building experience and one that results in lots of fun for your players. Based on our experience, we wanted to provide you with a list of things you might not consider as you prepare your team for the tournament.

Week before:

  • Player passes are complete and ready (especially for pre-season tournaments)
  • If you have guest players, secure their cards for registration
  • Remind parents to check the cleats of your players to ensure a proper fit. Players at this age are prone to growth spurts and can make for an uncomfortable experience
  • Soccer uniforms are in hand and ready to be worn
  • Get directions out to the families
  • Remind your parents to keep the event in perspective. Tell them to cheer like crazy for their kids without providing the dreaded “Kick it” or “Run” mantra from the sidelines.
  • Mistakes will be made – the referees will be knocking the rust off just like your players. Please don’t yell at the referees.

Night before:

  • No sleepovers. While a lot of fun that night, it leads to a sluggish and unproductive performance for game day.
  • Check to make sure your balls are inflated, passes are in your possession
  • Every player should double check they have everything they need: uniform, cleats, socks, flip-flops or sandals for between games, water bottle in the fridge, etc.
  • Remind the parents that you should arrive approximately 30-45 minutes before game time
  • Last check to make sure everyone has directions

Game Day:

  • Due to the heat, players should not eat or drink acidic liquids or dairy products (orange juice, milk, eggs) as they’ll risk stomach aches. Dry foods like breakfast bars, pop tarts seem to make the most sense
  • Get a nice glass of water when they wake up
  • Get a shower to knock the cobwebs out of the brain
  • Sun block should be applied to all players and family members
  • Each player should bring ample re-hydration supplies with them (water, Gatorade, etc.).
  • Consider a second pair of socks – normally with such hot and humid weather during the summer, a fresh second pair of socks will ensure a comfortable experience for the second match
  • Players should take off their cleats, shin guards and socks between games to let their legs and feet air out
  • Be sensible about your mid-game eating.
  • Re-apply sun block

Most importantly, make it a memorable experience with your team and have tons of fun!


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