Tips for Fall School Team Soccer Tryouts

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With August on the horizon and school soccer teams set to engage in tryouts, the time is now for young players who want to be a part of the team.  While the foreboding nature of soccer tryouts means that you will certainly tested and judged in the coming days, there is still time to work on some skills and make sure you are in the best possible shape to succeed.  Here are some helpful tips that will make you more competitive and more able to stand out at your team’s next soccer tryout:

Get in shape.  This is a paramount necessity if you want to be a member of any legitimate sports team. While you should have spent summer vacation in full training mode, going for 5K runs every other day in order to maintain a peak physicality, there is probably still some time to build up some fitness before your tryout.

The importance of running will improve your stamina.  As players will surely be a bit lethargic by the end of the sessions at the tryout, the ones who are most fit will rise to the top and make some plays.  Which player do you think stands a better chance at making the team:  The kid who loses the ball because he simply gave up running to it in exhaustion, or the kid who steals away the ball and finds a goal?  Soccer games are often won by the players who have the energy to make a play late in the game.  Be that soccer player.

The other factor I would stress in your preparations for soccer tryouts is to simply get some time on the ball.  Go arrange a pickup game with some future teammates or just a group of friends.  If no one is around, head outside and juggle the soccer ball by yourself.  Team up with a partner and work on passing or shooting.  You basically want to become more comfortable on the soccer ball, and the only real way to do that is to get on a ball and practice.  The more time you spend just touching a ball and building your muscle memory will make you the stronger player.  Especially considering that several of the players at the tryout will have gone weeks or months with hardly playing any soccer at all, any last-minute preparations will surely do you some good.

When the time for the soccer tryout comes around, I would highly recommend getting a decent night’s sleep.  Although you may be nervous and excited, try to get to bed at a reasonable time and be as well-rested as possible.  During the day of the tryout, drink a lot of water.  Summer time is hot, and several players will become dehydrated from the intensity.  Don’t be that player.  Remember, you need to put on your finest display in order to make the soccer team, so be sure to allow your body to be comfortable for that opportunity.

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and remember to have fun at the tryout.  Perhaps you will make the team, perhaps you won’t, but if you put in some serious effort in the days leading up to a soccer tryout, you will give yourself every opportunity to make the team!


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