Tips for Getting a Fast Start to an Indoor Soccer Game

Early goals dictate a match! - (Photo:

Indoor soccer is a vibrant and fast version of soccer.  Getting a good start in any game is vital to dictating the overall feel of the game and for helping your team come away as the victorious side.  So how can you easily dictate play from the get go?  Here are some tips that will greatly help your indoor soccer team kick start any game.

You will want to control the opening moments of the game.  A great way to do this is to establish a good amount of possession as soon as possible.  When you win the ball, pass it about hold it for a solid minute or so.  This will absolutely frustrate your opponents to death.  Soccer players want to get ahold of the ball, especially during early exchanges of a game.  If your team focuses on strong possession early on, your eager opponents may make mistakes and give away an easy goal.  This requires great patience and passing control, but it should lead to some solid chances.

You also need to find that early goal.  Possession helps stretch the field and open up opportunities, but do take care to convert that open chance. Obviously this is something that your players simply need to be talented at, but there are certain ways to increase your odds of converting early game chances.

Be direct.  Defenders and goalies are usually a little sluggish at the start of a game.  Your team needs to send strong runs and passes right through the heart of the field, and early in the game.  Often times a goalie will need a few intense moments before they really get that fighting edge in their game, and if you can pounce upon and early chance and deflate his or her confidence, this could set the stage for a goal-filled match for your team.

Also, a great way to get an early edge in indoor soccer is to have a solid warm-up routine.  After stretching and warm-ups, go ahead and play a live match within your team for five minutes.  This will help your players get acquainted to the pace and feel of the ball, and will go a long ways to getting your players match-ready.  Once they open up the scoring early in the game, they will be well on the way to winning.

You want your soccer team to play with heavy urgency and intensity early in the game, and doing so successfully will immediately put opponents on the back-foot and gasping in a panicked mode.  Although they may be just as good a side as yours, the early exchange of a game will greatly impact the overall feel.  If you can take control from an early moment, you will get inside your opponent’s heads and strike fear into their game.  They will feel the pressure and make silly mistakes, and your team will have a great start to the match.  Although it will take effort to maintain this intensity for a whole match, your indoor soccer team should at least be well prepared and have the upper hand for the rest of the game.


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