Tips to Make your Soccer Team Composed in Front of Goal

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Pressure is a tough nut to crack.  No situation in a soccer game is as pressure-filled as scoring a goal.  Even professionals who train their entire lives and can place the ball within an inch of their aim sometimes are guilty of horrendous misses in scoring opportunities of a big match.  You have trained your team with countless shooting drills and yet your forwards still struggle to find the back of the net, so what should you tell them to help improve their goal scoring instincts?

Since the difficulties of handling pressure are typically mental, some ideas should be expressed to your players.  One tip to give them is to not think too much.  As a player finds himself or herself with a shooting chance, the split seconds before their shot can be filled with many visions and thoughts.  Images of the goal celebration flash in their heads, or thoughts about where the goalie will dive, or worse, the worries about missing such a golden opportunity can all cloud the mind of someone who needs to focus and place a strong shot on target.

Help them improve their chances of scoring by telling them not to think about the situation, the score, or other harming thoughts.  Just complete the task at hand and focus on striking the ball.  None of the other thoughts should enter the minds of a pure striker.

If your players continue to struggle with pressure, tell them to relax in front of goal.  Take a look at some Thierry Henry highlights.  One of the best strikers ever displays a calmness that resounds through his goal scoring.  The calmness results from confidence in his skill.  Therefore, build up your players’ confidence by praising their good traits and refraining from criticism.  Positivity will help your player stop worrying about missing a golden chance and only focus on the glory of a goal.

Also, be sure to keep the game fun for players.  If you focus too much importance of winning and always converting chances, you will be adding to the team’s pressure problems.  Keeping soccer fun will help them feel more comfortable and confident in scoring opportunities.

Obviously much of whether or not your players will be great goal scorers depends on them.  As a coach you can only help support your players in these moments by keeping up positivity, making the game fun, and helping them boost their own confidence.  Scoring is pretty much a natural act so help your players keep it that way without too much thought or fear and they will likely score more goals.


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