What is the Best Position in Soccer for You?


Where do you fit in? – (Photo: En.wikipedia.org)

The soccer field is a rather large space, and it comes with 11 different positions for the 11 players represented on the field at any given time.  While exploring the different areas of the game is certainly beneficial to youngsters just getting started with the game, by your teenage years you should be finding out what is the perfect position for you.  Here’s a general run through of the different positions and the right player for each spot:

Goalkeeper – Are you tall, lanky, and have cat-like agility?  The goalie position may be the perfect spot for you!  It’s also a good spot for people who like to use their hands and may have less ball skills.  Another part of goalie includes having mental toughness.  Remember, you’re the last line of defence and a single error by you could blow the game!  Some people say goalies are a bit crazy; in reality they’re just brave.

Defenders – Maybe you’re not great with the ball at your feet, but you’re strong and no one can take a ball past you one on one.  Another thing that’s key for defenders is your ability to organize.  Whether it’s on set pieces or when trying to operate an offside trap, defenders must be focused and work together with their teammates as a single unit.  Any one player’s mistake can be very costly so a smart head is vital.  Central defense is a great position if you’re a tad slow, because your strength will be your greatest asset.  The full back positions are better for speedier, smaller players.  In either case, a good defender must be willing to throw their bodies in front of an incoming shot.  Are you up for the challenge?

Midfielders – Are you great at ball control?  The best midfielders are the best dribblers and passers of the soccer ball.  They have to be aware of their surroundings because pressure will come from every direction.  Their instinct is to look for that killer pass, but they have the sense to pass back and hold possession as well.  Midfielders are all-around soccer players and know how to both attack and defend.  Great balance is key for this position as you’ll need to ward off physical challenges all the time from opponents.  A great player to watch is Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere.  His low center of gravity keeps his feet up and frustrates other players.

Forwards – Are you faster than everyone else?  If not, are you bigger and stronger than everyone?  One of these ingredients is pretty much a necessity for a successful striker.  But most importantly, how accurate and strong is your shot?  Forwards must score goals, and in order to do so you must beat those pesky goalies, while fending off the flying legs of the defenders.  Smaller, quicker players tend to do best on the wing, while the strong, tall players are perfectly suited for the central striker’s role, where they can get on the end of crosses and rise above their opponents.  Strikers have the highest of the highs when they score goals, but also take the most pressure when they lose form and can’t find the back of the net.  A strong self-belief is a must for a pure goal scorer.

Obviously there are many intricacies that go well beyond this simple outline, such as which foot you prefer, but hopefully this has provided some clarity as to where you belong on the pitch for your soccer team.  Don’t be afraid to try out different positions, as your body will definitely change over time and your skills will evolve.  As long as you’re playing and getting better, there will be a place on the field for your skills!


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