What to Do When You Get Cut During Soccer Tryouts

Getting cut sucks! - (Photo: Jhandersen.photoshelter.com)

Soccer tryouts can provide one of the cruelest lessons for many aspiring soccer players.  When a player makes the team, shares a hug with mom and dad, and gets to partake in being “one of the guys”, they feel like champions!  And it is a great accomplishment that one should be proud of.  But there is also the “other side” of soccer tryouts.  In fact, this is the sole reason tryouts are being held.  Some players must be cut.  The team size is restricted, and many players simply aren’t good enough to partake in the soccer team.  So when the sad day arrives that you are cut from your club or school team, here is some advice:

Brood over it.  Get mad!  Feel awful… Anyone who has been anyone in this world has dealt with a rejection before.  So feel it.  Don’t just accept it and move on fully understanding that your dream is over.  Feel the disappointment within you.  For some people, this experience can take just a couple minutes to get over.  Some people dwell on defeats for the entire season.  But what works best for me is just the one night.  Be sad and dejected for one day, and when you wake up tomorrow, wake up with a plan of action.

This is where you have to make a choice.   When you get over your initial disappointment, however long that may take, what will you do? Are you going to move on in a new life direction, forget soccer, and pick up a new hobby, or are you going to work your behind off so that when the next opportunity comes you are able to take full advantage of it.

I once read a poster that held the phrase, “Luck is where opportunity meets preparation” on it.  The phrase makes for brilliant advice.  One has to simply prepare and prepare to make the most of each opportunity.  When you practice and practice and practice, and then practice some more, you will improve.  And when the next opportunity arrives, you will be that much better ready for it.  There is no such thing as just dumb luck.  You must be ready and willing to seize upon things as they come.

Remember you failures.  Don’t dwell on them, but keep them there.  When you fail at something it is a grounding experience that will keep you in good reason and can motivate you to improve.

So go join a recreational league.  Go find pickup games to join in.  Find ways and other opportunities to keep playing and keep practicing.  You never know when the next tryout will arrive, and sitting around for six months, only to be rejected from that next tryout, will simply reinforce the notion that you aren’t good enough.  So go ahead and prove to yourself that you are.  Keep playing and keep loving the game.  Don’t let a minor failure destroy your soccer dreams.  So what you didn’t make the soccer team?  Make it next season.


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