Which Professional Soccer Team has the Best Jerseys?

Every professional soccer team must make a brave choice when unveiling a new jersey.  Some fans will be receptive.  Some fans will be less receptive. Some may react by unleashing a torrent of anger throughout the various forums and social media outlets on the web.

Nevertheless, a team’s jersey can often be a crucial factor when a fan picks their favorite team, especially for clubs with a global reach that have no actual ties to geographical location.  Sometimes, just the color can be enough to sway a fan.  Do you like blue (Manchester City) or red (Manchester United)?

Then come the designs and stripes and patterns, and you can really win over a new fan’s heart.  Based on jersey styles, I would suspect that these following teams would have the most new fans if people simply cared about style:

5.  Barcelona – Probably the most unique jersey in both colors and style, not a single team really looks anything like the Spanish powerhouse.  Although their talents on the field and impressive trophy cabinet has surely helped the team be one of the most popular soccer teams on the planet, their dandy outfits of blue and red stripes are quite fashionable and seen around everywhere.  They surely look better than the plain white jerseys of heated rivals, Real Madrid.  They were probably the greatest jerseys several years ago for the club’s refusal to adopt sponsorship deals, but Barcelona has since caved and utilized the great marketing potential of their shirts.

The Barcelona jersey - (Photo: Goalgolazo.com)

4.  Juventus – Oh the joys of black and white, thrust together in a perfect meld of deliciousness and scrumptiousness of a milkshake.  I’m of course referring to the vanilla-chocolate milkshake I had an In-N-Out for lunch, but the Juventus jersey that features vertical black and white stripes in also fantastic on the eyes.  The two colors make for a great jersey, and surely make fans of the Italian club proud.  With a great tradition of Serie A victories, their on-field efforts also make them a widely followed club.

The passion inspired by a Juventus jersey - (Photo: Article.wn.com)

3.  Borussia Dortmund – Nothing catches the eye like a bright yellow blaze of intensity.  Combined with their fanatical home crowd, the Dortmund jerseys reflect the excitement that has been shown on the pitch in recent years.  Although their former black and yellow vertical stripes was something akin to a flock of bees or wasps, the solid yellow still melds strongly with the team’s black pants.  Fortunately, their fun socks still retain the bee-ish charm!  Always a favorite of mine, Dortmund may be winning many more fans with their successful Champions’ League campaign.

Zzzzzz - (Photo: Article.wn.com)

2.  Galatasaray – Forget about the fact that the Turkish side now harbors Didier Drogba, Welsey Sneijder, and most importantly Emmanuel Eboue, but Galatasaray also boasts some of the proud colors from the best Harry Potter house, Gryffindor.  Yellow and red combine proudly and split right down the middle.  With alternating sleeve colors, their jersey is as cool as they come, and their new squad of big name players will surely help draw fans to the side.

Show for the camera! - (Photo: Article.wn.com)


1.   Celtic – Not only is the Scottish team special in that they use horizontal stripes, but they also have a proud history of sponsoring beers and other inspiring beverages.  Currently they feature Carling beer, which goes so nicely along with the green and white pattern, they will next year will boast Magners, an Irish cider company.  Total dominators of Scotland and beyond, the Celtic jerseys are both proud and rich in tradition and visual appeal.

I want that one - (Photo: En.wikipedia.org)


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