Who Are the 5 Best Soccer Players in the World?

Who will lead their country to a World Cup? - (Photo: Pitchinvasion.net)

With the 2014 World Cup coming up on the horizon, and all the soccer players gearing up for a season that will decide whether or not they board the plane to Brazil with their country, there will be a heavy focus this soccer season about which players are hitting their stride and will showcase their talents at the World Cup.  Among the 5 best players in the world right now, 4 will likely partake in World Cup.  Here are the 5 best players in the world right now:

5.  Neymar – Unproven but immensely talented.  Barcelona just acquired Neymar for roughly $75million.  The entire national hopes of Brazil’s World Cup conquest lie on his shoulders, and he looks capable of carrying the burden.  Anyone who watched the 2013 Confederations Cup will have recognized his talent.  In cased you missed it, here are his personal highlights of the tournament.  Realize that this was just a handful of games, including a match against Spain, who most people believe are the world’s best team:

4.  Robin van Persie – He has always flashed immense striking talent, but has a history of injuries that stalled his youth and kept him off this list for several years.  However, Van Persie has been largely injury-free for two full seasons and has amassed 67 goals with Arsenal and now Manchester United.  29 years old, he figures to have several productive years left.  The World Cup will be his best shot at international glory with the Netherlands, with whom he reached the 2010 World Cup final.  His left-footed shot is simply incredible.

3.  Gareth Bale – Unfortunately, Bale is Welsh so don’t expect to see him in Brazil next year.  Also, Bale plays for Tottenham, an above average English Premier League club that doesn’t feature in the Champions League.  Therefore, Bale is largely a hidden talent, but that talent is immense.  He also has a brilliant shot and a pace that pushes him ahead with ease.  At just 24, he clearly needs to join a major club to have any shot at reaching his full potential.  He has gone as far as Tottenham can take him so expect Bale to join either Manchester United or Real Madrid in the near future.  Here are some of Bale’s majestic goals from last season:

2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Proven time and time again as a complete playmaker.  Although his attitude often has him come across as a bit egotistical and he hasn’t done much at a World Cup, Ronaldo is the ultimate player in any match.  He has a very similar skill set to Bale but has simply matured more and is more capable at this moment of producing.  In addition to a great shot, great foot skills, and supreme heading ability, Ronaldo plays well within a team.  However, Ronaldo needs to prove himself on the major stage.  Although he won a Champions League title with Manchester United, Ronaldo is eyeing the 2014 World Cup as a place to make his mark.  Brazil does speak Portuguese, you know…

1. Lionel Messi – Simply the best.  Though rather small and diminutive, Messi is clearly the world’s best soccer player.  Players cannot take the ball from him, and he has an eye for goal that is simply unmatched.  He has won countless trophies for Barcelona and is the club’s all-time leading goal-scorer with 313 goals…at the age of 26.  Messi is just entering his prime and already has become a legend in soccer.  For him, winning the World Cup would be a natural occurrence, fitting for someone of his talents.


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