Who Will Go On to Win the 2014 World Cup?


The World Cup trophy, the ultimate prize in soccer – (Photo: Article.wn.com)

Well it’s been a fabulous few weeks of football as all of the world’s top 32 teams have been competing in Brazil for the ultimate prize in competitive soccer; the World Cup!  But as all great things inevitably do, this wonderful experience will be over in under a week’s time.  However, before we bid a farewell to Brazil and the 2014 World Cup, we still have 4 great teams ready to do battle and determine who truly is the planet’s best soccer nation.

Fortunately, this tournament has gifted us a semifinal setup with 4 superpower soccer nations, meaning that the world’s best teams will truly be on display.  The first match will put Brazil up against Germany in a clash of heavyweight soccer titans!  Routinely placed at this late stage of the tournament, we can expect a heated battle and a delightful, cagey show.

Brazil as the hosts are certainly favored, but the loss of wonder-kid striker Neymar is about as tragic as they come.  Poised to earn eternal glory as the next Ronaldo or Pele, Neymar’s injury could be Brazil’s undoing.  But while they do house several world-class players and will have the full backing of the home crowd, unfortunately I think Neymar’s loss is too great, especially against the major teams lying ahead.  In the cruelest of fashions, I foresee Miroslav Klose breaking Ronaldo’s World Cup goal record in a 2-1 German victory.

The other matchup puts the Netherlands up against Argentina.  Like their counterparts, these two teams have met several times at World Cups throughout history, creating many exciting memories.  Here lies the team of destiny, and it’s not the 2010 World Cup finalists, the Dutch.  It’s Lionel Messi and Argentina, and they are poised to win this tournament despite the fact that they are hated in the nation of Brazil.  Messi is now the sole superstar remaining at the World Cup, and this moment will be his opportunity to reach the legendary heights of Diego Maradona, the last truly great Argentinean soccer player.

The Netherlands are a fine team and have stars as well like Robin Van Persie and Arjen Robben.  They will certainly put up a good fight, but I suspect the proximity to home will benefit Argentina in this game and they will win 3-2.

Therefore, I foresee a Germany vs. Argentina World Cup final this Sunday, which truly would be an incredible way to close out the tournament.  A classic match for the ages would ensue, but once again I’m going to pick Argentina as winners for the fact that they have Lionel Messi.  The score will be 1-0 on a fine Messi free kick in the 83rd minute…

The Barcelona star has had a bit of a down year, but all that would immediately be forgotten if he can claim this trophy.  It is the one item he has yet to earn, and this is definitely the best chance of his career to win it.  Widely touted as a selfless and humble individual, Messi is also the perfect figurehead to lift this World Cup for the game of soccer.  Here’s to an exciting batch of games ahead, and a thrilling end to what has been simply a fabulous World Cup tournament!


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