Will Wayne Rooney Join a New Team this Summer?

Rooney is angry, and he wants out! - (Photo: Article.wn.com)

Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney clearly has an issue with new club manager, David Moyes.  Weeks before Moyes had even taken over the new post following Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement, Rooney had already put in a transfer request with Moyes’ impending arrival.  With the club now on an Asian tour, Rooney was sent home after picking up a “hamstring” injury.  But today, with transfer rumors swirling suggesting that Chelsea has lodged a hefty bid for the striker, the kettle is reaching a boiling point as Rooney seems destined to leave the “Red Devils”, where he earned so much fame and fortune.  The main reason: David Moyes.

Nearly ten years ago, when Rooney left his former club Everton for a massive transfer fee at the age of 18, his relationship with Moyes had fallen apart.  According to a Wayne Rooney autobiography, he claimed that Moyes had forced him out of Everton.  Moyes would later sue for libel and the pair would settle the matter out of court, though the wounds were cut deep.  Now reunited in Manchester, Moyes looks set to deal Rooney, though it looks as if this case is a result of the player forcing his way out of the club, perhaps over his dysfunctional past with the new manager.  Rooney has been quoted to be both “angry and confused” at the current state of his club.

Naturally for a player of his abilities, clubs from near and far are lining up for a bid.  Big spenders like Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, and Chelsea have been linked to Rooney, though several others have also been drawn into the rumors such as Arsenal, Bayern Munich, and even Everton.  For such a player to want out of his club and with his worth surely at its peak, Manchester United may be wise to sell the star England international player, regardless of the pain it would cause with the United fans.

Of course, the club would like to see Rooney be shipped overseas, but as Arsenal discovered with their Robin van Persie transfer saga of last year, the destination club depends on who is willing to put forth the most money.  Right now it looks to be London-based rival, Chelsea.

New Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has apparently decided that Wayne Rooney is the single player he most wants to bring in for his second go-round in the English Premier League.  Chelsea has seemingly every puzzle piece needed for an exemplary soccer club except for striker.  Wayne Rooney’s arrival would instantly make Chelsea the strong favorite to win the EPL title.  Would David Moyes be able to make such a transfer his first noteworthy change to his new team?  Fans are already concerned over the team’s pre-season loss to the Thailand All-Stars.  Panic may set in before the season even begins for the new Manchester United manager.

However, angry fans would be wise to wait for the actual season begins before getting too frustrated with David Moyes, though a sale of Wayne Rooney to Chelsea would surely change the landscape of the EPL, which Manchester United has dominated in recent years.  Who knows where this latest summer transfer saga will end up!


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