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To ensure timely arrival of all our commitments, everything we do is based around production cycles: manufacturing  soccer jerseys, personalizing those jerseys and shipping all happens in the blink of an eye. With every inbound call, it’s always a moving target. But, by controlling every aspect of the process – from production to printing to shipping – no one can deliver soccer jerseys faster. We even offer a delivery guarantee. This is how confident we are in everything we do.

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  • Our Guarantee

    Totally Soccer guarantees your soccer uniforms by Game Day! Buying direct from the factory saves money and speeds delivery. Team turnarounds in 1-10 days with club orders in 1-5 weeks - includes personalization.

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    Ensure quality, sizing & color match with our sample and swatch program.

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    1. Guaranteed by Game Day
    2. Buy Direct from Factory
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  • Testimonials

    I am in need of more jersey's. I've attached my last order from you. Let me know price changes. Will be ordering +\- 6 shirts or so.

    Our shirts are still holding up well. Even the original ones from 2007. (Sent in 2011)

    Thanks You

    Steve Westlake, Sammamish, WA