About Us

The Story: A Business Built on a Soccer Handshake

Jerry Macnamara with Soccer Legend Harold Fortis

Jerry Macnamara and Harold “H” Fortis, life-long friends and passionate soccer guys, founded the idea of TotallySoccer.com and registered the domain in August 2002. While we traveled as players and businessmen, we heard frustrated buyers of soccer gear speak about untimely deliveries and just how confusing the process is to manage. Scared by words like availability, discontinued, add-ons and futures, buyers had no where to turn to understand the process to make it simple and smooth. Retailers either didn’t know or were too busy to explain. We simply believe there is an easier way to buy soccer uniforms.

Our Mission Statement is: to help buyers understand how to buy soccer uniforms and field equipment so they can save time, money and tons of stress.

The formula has worked.

“We handed out the jerseys Friday night at our club picnic and then had our season openers on Saturday.  You can’t believe how many great comments we’ve gotten on the jerseys.  The kids were thrilled, the parents were thrilled, and I’ve had reports that several of the opposing coaches commented on how spiffy the South Arlington teams looked.   You made it so easy for us and were so patient even though we were first timers trying figure out this uniform ordering thing!  Thank you for everything!!!!”
-Vicki from South Arlington Soccer Club

Our Experience

We’ve been involved in the soccer industry since 1990 and there are few places we haven’t explored the game of soccer. Both of us began playing soccer before we knew how to tie our shoes and when youth small jerseys still hung well below our knees. Naturally, we found our first job inside a soccer store. While inside the store, we learned the many areas of soccer retailing and worked with all the major brands. We’ve sold soccer team uniforms, boots, guards – you name it. We’ve set up at tournaments and slept under the tent. We’ve written manuals on how to operate a soccer store while opening locations across the country. We’ve traveled internationally for the game. We’ve done it all. We’ve seen it all. We know this business from every perspective: players, coaches, club members, manufacturers and retailers.

Inform and Educate

We believe that educating buyers will result in better decisions for teams and clubs. These decisions will provide more resources and better opportunities for your players. These resources can go to better soccer training, attending more soccer tournaments and better fields. These are all the things the make the world’s game a ton of fun!  And, as members of clubs, it is all the things we would want for our own soccer teams!

Give us a Call and Say Hello

We are proud to speak with you about what we’ve learned over the years and offer you the easy way to buy soccer uniforms and field equipment. And since buying soccer equipment is a personal process, we are committed to providing the personal service that is necessary to educate you and service your needs – even if you choose not to purchase from us! Your chance to save time, money and tons of stress is just a phone call away at 888-660-8326.