Performance soccer fabrics form the base of all great soccer uniforms. From adidas to Nike to the uniforms we offer at Totally Soccer, all “true” soccer uniforms are made with polyester fabrics.  Polyester is the soccer performance fabric of choice because it is:

  • lightweight yet durable
  • naturally breathable to keep you cool
  • moisture management characteristics built in – it does not “hold” water
  • color fast properties – doesn’t shrink or bleed like cotton
  • man made so it can be produced in a consistent manner
  • engineered for softness on the body
  • resistant to stains

Why your team is going to love our fabric lineup

Totally Soccer’s fabrics are knitted on the finest twenty-eight cut jacquard machines available. This ensures a consistent texture and design of the soccer fabrics. The performance fabrics are comprised of 72 denier polyester yarns. As a comparison for softness, silk is 110 denier yarns. This provides the perfect mix of softness and durability. Our fabrics are knitted to an athletic weight of six ounces, which is comfortable in a variety of climates. We are delighted to provide samples for your review and inspection for quality, durability, sizing and color.

Pro Diamond Fabric

  • 100% polyester
  • time-tested soccer fabric
  • unique diamond pattern adds flash
  • athletic weight construction is comfortable in all climates

Air Fabric

  • 100% polyester
  • invisible mesh construction is like air conditioning
  • soft, silky feel feels luxurious
  • athletic weight construction

How do your Fabrics compare to…

Customers ask us to compare our fabrics to other vendors all the time. We’d ask the same question. All soccer manufacturers use polyester yarns. Knitting those yarns determines the weight, texture and look of fabrics. The dirty little secret is that you can only knit athletic weight polyester fabrics in a few ways that will also stand up to the rigors of a soccer match. Some companies will try to “jazz-up” the presentation of their soccer fabrics by using technical terms. This is about marketing and less about performance. Don’t waste your time or money buying into fancy marketing names. With hundreds of thousands of satisfied players on the fields, we stand by our collection of fabrics.

What’s the deal with Dri-Fit, Clima Lite and DiaDry?

Customers also ask how our fabric compares to “Dri-Fit” or “Clima Lite” or “DiaDry.” These terms do not refer to a particular knit of fabric, but rather a chemical added to the fabric after the fabric is dyed. This chemical heightens polyester’s natural moisture management characteristics and can be applied to any polyester fabric. It washes out over time. These marketing terms refer to a technology and not a specific fabric that we can compare for you.

Beware Shiny Happy Fabrics

Some buyers of soccer uniforms become “mesmerized” by the shiny fabric sheen found on some soccer jerseys. You will notice that these high-sheen soccer jerseys are less expensive than similar “dull” or “flat knit” soccer jerseys. Here’s why: bright, shiny yarns do not go through a final softening process where the polyester yarns are “fluffed.” The best comparison is putting your towels in the dryer after they’ve been hanging on the line. The yarns relax and become softer and more comfortable. This results in a nicer, softer soccer fabric. Be aware when purchasing these soccer jerseys that you are buying lower quality product and that these jerseys do not feel nice on the body (think sandpaper).

Why Neck Trims are also Polyester

The neck trims used on soccer jerseys are 100% polyester. Why? By having each part of the jersey made of polyester, the colors won’t bleed on each other and mess up your cool jerseys. Each color will remain right where it should be on the jerseys.