5 Ways to Ensure Your Soccer Team Wins the Game

Soccer is a sport for winners! - (Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org)

Once a soccer game begins, many players throw everything that they have learned about soccer out the window.  With the pace and intensity in a game, who can remember when they shouldn’t pass backwards, or how to focus on a defender when they are sprinting at you?  When a game is progressing at full speed, many players just let their instincts take over and guide them.  Additionally, the mountains of advice heaped upon a player can make it extremely difficult to smartly judge each situation.  Players simply have an information overload and often resort to using whatever has worked for them in the past.  Well, here are 5 simple tips that will help keep it easy for you and will help elevate your game to ensure you help your team win.

1.  Run hard – Soccer is a game based around running.  The average professional player runs well over 5 miles per game, and you need to make sure that you are in the best physical shape possible.  Giving your all also means that you have that extra push to make a play late in the game when other players have grown tired.  If you give that extra bit of energy, it will often make the difference.  And the happy feelings of making a successful impact in a soccer game will make all the heavy breathing afterwards worthwhile!

2.  Keep your head in the game – You need to focus on the game entirely when you play.  Don’t think about anything else.  Keep your head in the game and look for opportunities.  Soccer players often have to act in the blink of an eye, and any player daydreaming at the back could easily get caught flat-footed and give up a goal.  Stay in control by staying in the game and waiting to pounce.

3. Take advantage of opportunities – When opportunities arrive, you need to take them fully.  When someone sets you up for an open shot, take it and make it count.  Or if you play goalie, make sure you put yourself in the position the make the big save.  Opportunities are where you should let your instinctual nature take over and just go ahead.  They don’t come all that often, but if you perform in these critical moments, you will do your part to help the team win.

4.  Believe in yourself and your team – The only way to win is to fully believe in what you are a part of.  Don’t live in fear of how your team isn’t good enough or capable enough of winning a game.  That mindset will always result in a lost game.  You can win, even if the other team is more skilled than you.  But the first step to producing an upset is the belief that it is possible.  This leads to other good things and gives you that extra boost that will push your team ahead

5.  Refuse to lose – Lastly, you need to have an attitude that losing is simply unacceptable.  Refuse to lose!  Make the big stop on the goal line.  Use some physicality and outmuscle your opponent.  Going hand-in-hand with the belief, this strength will make you that solid player that changes the game with an impact play.  When your backs are to the wall, be the player that stands up and wins the game!


  • Sometimes the difference between winning and losing comes down to pushing yourself that extra bit. Can you pull out an extra burst of energy and the other team can’t keep up? Especially in a sport like soccer, energy makes all the difference. You don’t want to hold anything back but you can’t burn out too soon either.

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