Be Happy When You Play Soccer

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A great life lesson to learn is to be happy in everything you do.  Many people don’t understand this aspect of living and are often totally focused on their lofty long-term aspirations, which leads to a constant frustration with their current situation and a generally unhappy disposition.  Such an attitude is not going to help you improve in your game and will probably not result in you ever reaching your professional soccer goals.  Instead, young soccer players should focus on having fun while playing the game.

Being happy while playing soccer will help you lead to doing good, positive things on the field.  Happiness will also boost your confidence.  This will make you more likely to hit that long-range shot, or help find your overhead pass reach its intended target.  When you have fun playing the game, you will make good things happen.

Also, when you play happy you are actually enjoying yourself and having fun.  When you constantly worry about achieving a goal-per game average or are trying to be a perfect player, you don’t have fun.  Also, when certain goals aren’t met you will actually lose confidence and perhaps become a worse player than before.

Having fun playing soccer also simply enables you to just have fun.  Don’t stress about whether or not you will become the next Lionel Messi, because in actuality, you will probably never be as good as Messi, so when you add this pressure to yourself and fail to live up to the hype that you’ve created, you are setting yourself up for severe disappointment.  Additionally, you will never simply just enjoy the beautiful game.

Another issue you may run into is that you will begin to worry about whether or not you really are that great player you’ve imagined in your head.  When you try to make a dazzling run past two defenders but trip over the ball, self-doubt will creep into your head.

Meanwhile, the kid who has fun will attempt the tricky play, fall on his face, and get up and try it again, where he might actually succeed.  Or, he will go home and practice the move until he gets it right and then try it again.  This happens because the player is enjoying playing soccer.  He will succeed because he is having fun.

If you cannot enjoy yourself in the sport, perhaps you should consider a new sport or a totally different hobby to take up.  You need to enjoy the things that you do, and when you stress about other things, you can never have as much fun.  Therefore, take a deep breath and make a point to simply have fun and play the sport.

I love going by a park where you see a pick-up game of soccer being played.  Pick-up games are organized because people simply love playing the game and want to enjoy it.  There’s no fans screaming names of players, there’s no real glory and scouts from colleges checking you out.  There is just soccer; simple, beautiful soccer being enjoyed by a group of people looking to have fun.


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