Big Transfers Closing Out the Window in European Soccer Leagues


Perhaps Chelsea owner Roman Abromovich brings in his summer recruits via yacht – (Photo:

With the hot month of August quickly waning away, the ticking clock of the summer transfer window slowly winds down.  The reality is that in one week’s time, every European club roster will be set in stone.  Now is the time to make those last minute transfers, and we’ve already seen several major moves in the past few days.  If history gives us any guidance, we should expect a couple more enticing moves in the days ahead…

Two major moves in the English Premier League have already been announced.  Liverpool picked up the controversial but astoundingly talented Mario Ballotelli, while struggling Manchester United has nearly finalized a move for Real Madrid’s Angel Di Maria.  Both clubs should benefit greatly with these new forwards.  Balotelli will help Liverpool move on from Luis Suarez, with whom they already had the experience of dealing with one of the more unpredictable and feisty world-class strikers.  Meanwhile, Di Maria will add attacking support, experience, and creativity to a side that seems completely devoid of ideas going forward.

But it won’t just be clubs at the top looking for options.  Just about every club in Europe has a concern somewhere in their squad, whether they lack a true striker or simply don’t have enough depth in the midfield.  In actuality, most of these holes will go unfilled, as manufacturing transfers always proves to be more tricky than one would think in regards to players’ wage demands, clubs’ desired transfer fees, and the aspirations of the teams and people involved.  But make no mistake about it, the phones of various soccer agents will be ringing constantly as clubs seek to orchestrate moves at the end of the window here.

Additionally, there has been a great deal of moves that have probably been in the works all summer long but simply have yet to be confirmed.  This will change in the next week.  An example would be a club like Arsenal, which have yet to actually qualify for the UEFA Champions League.  There is a strong likelihood of the club moving for a central defender this week but that transfer may be on hold until Champions League play is confirmed.  Such shaky grounds lead to the murkiness of transfer dealings.

But what is most exciting is that all the smoke and haze regarding summer transfers will be wrapping up in a week.  This means that transfers are going to either pushed through or scrapped, and there’ll be much less wondering and pondering about who each specific manager may want to bring in to the team from here on out.  We will be able to focus on the games!

And so I’d recommend being on high alert over the next few days on who is going where.  Rumors will always continue to swirl, but the proof will be in the pudding, and we’ll soon get so see who is ending up which club this summer.  Additionally, we can expect to still see a couple major moves as top clubs like Man U, PSG, and Borussia Dortmund have all had surprisingly poor starts to the season and may want to strengthen at the last moment!



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