Confederations Cup Builds Excitement and Fears for 2014 World Cup

World Class stadiums don't come cheap! - (Photo:

There’s a relatively minor international soccer tournament going on in Brazil these days.  In preparation of the world’s biggest soccer tournament that will take place next year in Brazil (the 2014 World Cup), the nation is now hosting a mini-tournament of 8 soccer teams as a sort of dress rehearsal for the new stadiums and organizers of next year’s major event.  On the pitch, the product has been dazzling, with wonderful play by some of the world’s biggest soccer stars like Neymar, Luis Suarez, Mario Balotelli, and the entire Spanish National team.  Off the field, however, Brazilian population have taken to the streets in a massive protest against corruption and misallocation of funds within the nation’s government.  These protests have thrown the World Cup into doubt and exposed a generally troubled disposition of the South American nation.

One of the major points of protest is in the hefty price tags of all the new stadiums, many of which are currently being displayed to the world at the Confederations Cup.  While the government heaves funds to these large-scale projects to show off to the soccer world, they have had to increase fares on public transportation while other areas of concern like public health have slashed costs.  The people are angry, and they are using the presence of this tournament as a way to voice their concerns.

Largely, I think this is a great show of discontentedness by the Brazilian people.  They know that the 2014 World Cup will be a great honor for the nation, and are using their voices now during the Confederations Cup in order to be heard instead of disrupting the World Cup itself. Additionally, in making their protests heard a full year before the real tournament, perhaps the government can do something about it in time before next summer to ensure that the World Cup proceeds without major incidents.  Brazilians respect soccer too much to ruin a World Cup, but the Confederations Cup?  Well, I don’t think anyone will be too concerned about that tournament.

Nevertheless, the Confederations Cup has put several of the world’s finest soccer nations on display, and will definitely have some exciting matchups in the next week.  With a 2012 European Championship final rematch between Spain and Italy and with an alluring South American matchup between Uruguay and Brazil, soccer fans worldwide would love to tune in and watch some of the best teams battle it out for the World Cup’s dress rehearsal.

Spain has been ruthless as usual this summer, while Brazil has been entertaining as Neymar has made several highlight plays with his tricky moves and powerful striking ability.  The new Barcelona player looks to be on the cusp of Brazilian greatness, and though this tournament is becoming a great coming out party for the player, his sights should be fully focused on the 2014 World Cup.

Spain and Brazil are the favorites to reach the final, and what a final that would be!  If anyone is the favorite for next year’s World Cup, it is between Spain and Brazil.  This match could serve to be a warm-up for a potential World Cup final in year’s time so be sure to tune in and see if the Brazilian National soccer team can win the big game for its unsettled people!


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