Demystifying Buying Soccer Jerseys

buying soccer jerseys

Frustrated Buying Soccer Jerseys?

You raised your hand and offered to figure out what soccer jerseys to buy this season. Congratulations! Now, you’ve done a little research and are overwhelmed by the choices of suppliers, uniforms, colors, sizes and brands. Not to mention personalizing your soccer jerseys, turnaround times and other scary words you’ve never heard before…don’t worry anymore. Take five minutes and let us show you the easy way. Buying soccer jerseys doesn’t have to be this hard!

  1. Availability – just because you see a soccer jersey on website or in a catalog doesn’t mean you can buy it! Huh? Yes, for companies that bring their product in from China or anywhere overseas, they can’t guarantee to always have it available for sale on their shelves in every style in every color and size. This could come at the most inconvenient times – like when you need just one more for a player who lost his jersey at the tournament.
  2. Life Span – Most soccer teams want to wear their soccer jerseys for more than one season. If this applies to your team, ask your potential vendor, “What is the life span of this uniform?” Really, what you are asking is how long the company is going to make your particular jerseys. Beware! Even if you select a uniform that has a “life span” that meets your needs, it could change. Why? Because if that style isn’t profitable the company will discontinue that style and burn your budget.
  3. Colors – Find a style you like? Check the colors. Companies limit the number of color in each style to only the best-selling colors. Why do you think there are so many red, royal and gold teams? And, why do you think colors like orange, purple and kelly are difficult to find? (Hint: If you want to design your own custom color jerseys, you should check out our Customizer.)
  4. Sizes –Approximately 65% of jerseys are produced in youth and adult sizes. Companies limit the number of styles available in youth sizes due to “product sku management.” If you have a U9 – U14 team, pay attention as teams in these age groups normally require both youth and adult sizes.
  5. Turnaround Times – Ok, so you’re comfortable with the answers above. Now, how fast can you get them? And, perhaps more importantly, what about when you need just one more? And, what are the extra costs to buy a single jersey?

Four times now I have purchased jerseys for my various soccer teams using The staff is friendly and helpful, and the turnaround on the orders has always been quick and accurate. The quality of the jerseys are good especially given the low prices. I would strongly recommend to anyone looking to outfit their team.
Scott F, Alexandria, Virginia

How We Solve Buying Headaches

When I built Totally Soccer, I set out to change the way buyers purchase soccer jerseys. Our single driving focus was to make the process easier, cheaper and faster. In doing so, I leveraged my twenty-years in the soccer business and analyzed all the issues created by companies like adidas, Nike and diadora. To me, we built a better model to remove the headaches buyer face. Here how TotallySoccer makes buying soccer jerseys simple:

  • Made in North America – Our soccer uniforms are made in North America (Toronto, specifically). This provides flexibility  in manufacturing and personalization of custom soccer uniforms. Quick response combined with core inventory results in  lightning fast delivery times.
  • Guaranteed by Game Day – We’re soccer people too and understand just how important getting your jerseys by game day is – which is why we guarantee your jerseys by kickoff
  • Never Discontinued – Fabric and patterns are always available, so we can make you just one more…even years later
  • Always Available – “Out of Stock” does not mean anything to us. We can make more – and fast!
  • Sixteen Colors – We have sixteen core team colors, which means you’ll find your color combinations. And, if you want to design your own soccer jerseys, we can do that too.
  • All Sizes – We manufacture all uniforms from Youth Small to Adult 2XL. We’ve even expanded into YXS for the pee-wees and our manufacturing capbilities allow us to make some of the largest soccer jerseys
  • Fast Turnaround Times – Almost 90% of our soccer jerseys ship within ten days fully customized (the other 10% are club orders and teams who plan ahead and allow us to rest on Sundays)

Personally, I think we’ve built a better mouse trap (and there’s more reasons why you should buy from us), but we’ll leave that decision up to the soccer community. For nearly a decade, we’ve been online selling direct from the factory – so we know the process works from the tons of testimonials teams send us. But, no matter your soccer vendor this season, I have one final tip:

Invest in a great relationship with your vendor. It will go a long, long way to ensuring a smooth process and protecting the investment you’ve made in buying soccer jerseys.

If you have any questions we can help with, please reach out and give us a call at 888-660-8326.


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    I am in need of more jersey's. I've attached my last order from you. Let me know price changes. Will be ordering +\- 6 shirts or so.

    Our shirts are still holding up well. Even the original ones from 2007. (Sent in 2011)

    Thanks You

    Steve Westlake, Sammamish, WA

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