Drop Dead Date for Ordering Soccer Uniforms

The Magical "Drop Dead Date"

Drop dead dates. It’s a recurring call, so I thought I’d address it.

No matter the time of year, we receive calls like this, “If my soccer team’s first game is September 9th, what is the drop dead date that I have to order my soccer uniforms?”

We totally get it.

If you’re like every team we outfit, you’re trying to organize your team, figure out whether to buy jerseys, uniforms or home/away packages, determine whether you should go with custom colors, what team logo you want, make sure everyone has their favorite number, collect money, grab everyone’s sizes…and you want the very most amount of time to do all these things. Because, of course, your teammates just have only a smidge of respect for the time, energy and effort you’re putting in to get the team on the field.

Unfortunately, this is an impossible question for us to answer. It’s all crystal ball type thinking based around experience. You should plan on team jerseys taking 1-10 days in production and club orders normally take 1-5 weeks.

To ensure timely arrival of all our commitments, everything we do is based around production cycles: manufacturing  soccer jerseys, personalizing those jerseys and shipping all happens in the blink of an eye. With every inbound call, it’s always a moving target. But, by controlling every aspect of the process – from production to printing to shipping – no one can deliver soccer jerseys faster. We even offer a delivery guarantee. This is how confident we are in everything we do.

But, we never know what the next phone call will hold. This is what makes “drop dead dates” so difficult to answer.

Will the next call be a club ordering 600 purple Copa Jr. jerseys that were plentiful when you called in just five minutes before? It happens. And, it changes the production cycles in the blink of an eye.

Our best advice? Time is the enemy! Order as soon as you can. And, we promise to give you honest answers about when you can expect to receive your uniforms.

After all, you’re not going to move your season’s first game.


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    Thank you, I really was beginning to believe that your company didn't exist, but after talking to you yesterday, ordering, and then receiving the socks today in time to pass them out to the girls during their lunch; I do believe your company is amazing! The boys team saw the socks and wanted a pair, the other team's coach ask where I got them, but best of all the girls felt great in their uniforms with their new socks. We lost our game, but play well. Thanks again for getting us the socks so quickly!

    Kim Lang

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