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As you might imagine, we are asked a lot about soccer trophies. We don’t actually sell trophies directly, but we have a relationship and can recommend from personal experience, Dinn Trophy. I’ve used them to create the trophies for our soccer tournament and it worked out great – fast turnaround and free shipping. At the end of the day, I thought it was downright cheap and felt really good about the value I received (and I do this for a living, so I’m pretty skeptical).

To Trophy or Not To Trophy?

Soccer trophies can spark a hot debate. Some communities see them as “bad” while others see them as “good”. People in our offices have various opinions on soccer trophies. It is something we debate from time to time. There are some people that love the idea of participant trophies at younger ages. Others are just as passionate about the potential for “rewarding non-excellence.”

On awarding Championship trophies, people are just as fired up. People believe it puts the focus on winning over player development. They argue, “If the focus is on player development, isn’t it communicating another message to give trophies?” Still, others in the office believe a Championship is the result of hard work and should be recognized and rewarded.

And, the final piece of the debate rests on individual trophies. When should awards like “Most Valuable” and “Most Improved” come into play? Is this a competitive or a recreational trophy? Ultimately, the “right” answer rests in your own community standards and expectations. And, hopefully, it reflects the values you are cultivating as a club and organization. Usually communities will ask the following questions while considering the whether soccer trophies are right for them:

  • What age?
  • Participant only?
  • Championship only?
  • Trophy only or do medals, plaques or ribbons fit the bill?
  • Individual Trophies? Most Valuable Player, Most Improved
  • Cost Factor: How much to spend?

How does your community handle soccer trophies, awards and ribbons? How does that reflect your values as a soccer community?


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    I am in need of more jersey's. I've attached my last order from you. Let me know price changes. Will be ordering +\- 6 shirts or so.

    Our shirts are still holding up well. Even the original ones from 2007. (Sent in 2011)

    Thanks You

    Steve Westlake, Sammamish, WA

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