Girls Soccer Socks: Sweet But Sassy!

Girls Rock with Tie Dye Socks!

Girls can straight play soccer. I mean, look at the performance of the USWNT this summer: they staged dramatic wins and lost while fighting valiantly against an inspired Japanese side. Certainly, our women through the years have dominated and performed on the world stage compared to the men.

Now, having coaches both boys and girls, there are certain subtle differences in coaching these players. From screaming pre-game cheers to ensuring they have the right soccer gear, girls are more fashion conscious then boys. Girls want to be sweet and sassy on the soccer field. From having the exactly right soccer shorts to cleats that sparkle on the field to having the crazy soccer socks.

Girls soccer socks can make the difference between a young lady feeling strong and confidence on the field and well, being less than inspired. And, let’s face it: I’ll do just about anything to help my players feel inspired. So, if kids soccer socks are the answer, then by gosh, I’m going to make it happen. It’s always cracks me up how girls will help each other making sure the tube socks land perfectly at the knee high length. Then there’s rolled or folded question – which way to wear them today?

As a male soccer coach, I’ve learned that having the right soccer apparel is really important to my girls – more so than their boy counterparts. It might only be second to the raucous pre-game cheer – and post game thanks. I thought i would point out our best-selling girls soccer socks – ones that are available in women’s sizes to ensure a proper fit and performance.

Secret coaching tip: If you want to get your girls excited, shop for some fresh, funky soccer socks and break them out before a big game. But, be careful, you may see them run through walls with their play.

Girls Soccer Socks – Best Sellers!


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    I am in need of more jersey's. I've attached my last order from you. Let me know price changes. Will be ordering +\- 6 shirts or so.

    Our shirts are still holding up well. Even the original ones from 2007. (Sent in 2011)

    Thanks You

    Steve Westlake, Sammamish, WA

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