Helpful Tips and Advice for Dazzling at Soccer Tryouts

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Any young soccer player that has dreams of greatness will eventually have to go through a soccer tryout.  Tryouts usually begin when players wish to engage in travel soccer teams or want to play on school teams, which typically starts in middle school.  How a player handles the nerves of such judgment can go a long way to determining whether or not they will make the squad.  This can be a tough experience for any soccer player, but it is one that you will have to go through for the rest of your playing days, as tryouts and competition between teammates are a never-ending battle for college and professional players.  Here are some tips that will help you shine at your next soccer tryout:

Get a good night’s rest before the day of the tryout. You need to be well prepared and fully awake to play soccer at your best, therefore try to ensure that you are ready by getting a full night’s sleep.  Don’t make a big deal of it by going to bed 3 hours early, but do try to get to bed at the time necessary for you to feel refreshed the next day.

At the tryout, don’t try to compare yourself to the other players.  That is the coach’s job.  You simply need to play your game and show off your skills.  If there are skills you are particularly good at, show them off.  A coach will never know how powerful your shot is unless you unleash it in front of them.

Also, don’t stress about misplaced passes or losing the ball.  Yes, poor play won’t help your cause, but chances are that everyone is making some mistakes.  Also, you don’t know exactly what skills the coaches are looking for.  Therefore, just play your game and try to show them what a great player you are.  The way you handle failures shows a lot about your confidence and ability to handle pressure, so if you let one mistake ruin the rest of our tryout, it will be clear that you have less confidence in your skills.  If you mess up one time but then perform a great skill successfully, you will impress the coaches greatly with your determination.

Be respectful.  A lot of players will be cut from a soccer tryout simply because they act like annoying brats.  Big talk or trash-talking your potential teammates will not impress the coaches.  They want players who will listen to them and work hard to improve.  Don’t be a nuisance!  In fact, sometimes such antics will have you cut regardless of your skills.  A player trying out should be humble and respectful to the other soccer players and the coaches.

Most importantly, remember to just have fun and play soccer.  If you are enjoying playing at the tryout and not stressing out too much it will show, and the coaches will see you as a winner.  Coaches are looking to create a cohesive team, and often times the hardworking soccer-loving kid will earn a spot on the team, even if someone else was slightly better.  Therefore, give the tryout your best chance and come ready to play.  Good luck with your next soccer tryout!


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