How Do you Know When Things are Going Wrong with your Soccer Team?

Is Your Soccer Team Headed the Wrong Way? (Photo: Johnny Jet)

Last week, we posted some early warning signs of your soccer team’s success. Well, we received some comments about the opposite end of the spectrum: As a coach, how do you know when your soccer team is off track? This is especially true for newer coaches who may not recognize certain actions or reactions from themselves, players or parents. The key here is to take action to correct these issues and get your team back on track.

Here are the tell tale signs that your soccer team has lost its way:

  1. Coaches shouting direction from the sidelines instead of allowing their players to become thinking, creative players. Coach your players, don’t yell at them!
  2. Teammates screaming at and blaming one another on and off the field.
  3. Players are constantly asking, “What the score?”
  4. You or your players don’t respect the referee’s decisions in a match and dissent.
  5. Parents are outwardly questioning your approach to coaching soccer and playing time
  6. The last time you spoke with your parents or held a team meeting was…never.
  7. You can’t separate what’s right for the the player and what’s good for the team? Great coaches will recognize when players should move on to more competitive situations.
  8. Parents are paying their kids for goals instead of celebrating the joy of the process in the game
  9. You’re the first one at practice. The loss of joy on the field has taken hold.
  10. Your players have shiny new soccer balls. This is good, but a clear indication they’re not practicing on their own.

 Do you have any other tell tale signs that something is wrong with your soccer team?



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